Effective Energy Boosters

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When our energy dips, many of us head for the nearest Starbucks. However, while the caffeine in coffee undoubtedly does perk you up, some experts feel the boost is really a cessation of withdrawal symptoms, which gives a sense of relief and energy.

Naturally Boost Energy











Controversial as this may be, most experts agree that the coffee boost comes from a surge of cortisol from the adrenal glands. It’s all part of the fight-or-flight response.

Once the response is triggered (as it is by caffeine), your body jumps to action. Your sympathetic nervous system secretes norepinephrine, which causes an excitatory response and allows your body to react and protect itself from a stressful situation.

Next, your adrenals secrete epinephrine (commonly referred to as adrenaline) into the bloodstream. This increases blood flow to specific muscles needed for vigorous activity. It also increases the rate of metabolism, the concentration of glucose in the blood, the conversion of sugar to energy in muscles, muscle strength, and mental activity.

All of this is what causes you to get your get-up-and-go from your morning java.

However, this cascade does have a downside, in the form of overworked adrenal glands.

The solution?

Swap that cup of joe for a cup of tea— specifically green tea. You’ll get a bit of a caffeine boost, but this time paired with powerful antioxidants to give you true energy to power you through the day.


Green Drink Energy Boosting Supplements to Help Boost Your Afternoon Slump

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Increase Energy NaturallyTake a quick break from work every day and walk briskly around the block. This raises the cardiovascular system which in turn increases energy. Make sure you drink plenty of water during or after this exercise as dehydration in itself can cause exhaustion. Add a few drops of natural energy-boosting monatomic minerals which quickly gets to work to re-mineralize, re-alkalize, re-vitalize and re- energize your body and bring it back into balance.

Adding a Green Energy supplement such as All Day Energy Greens as a once-a-day drink not only provides your body with the recommended five servings of vegetables and fruit, it also contains 38 herbs, vitamins and minerals. The end result is a day-long supply of natural energy as All Day Energy Greens counter the body’s acids, flush out toxins and improve digestion. If the taste of energy greens is not something you can face daily, alternate it with Long Life Food Source which is a delicious blend of all-natural superfoods to counter ageing and boost energy.


Give Your Body What it Craves: Water

by Nancy Maneely

Dehydration DangersIt’s high season for hydration! At this time of year it’s more important than ever to pay attention to your fluid intake. Water makes up about 60 percent of your body weight, and every system in your body depends on it: Water flushes toxins from vital organs, carries nutrients to your cells and provides a moist environment for healthy ear, nose and throat tissues.

Your body needs plenty of fluids for optimal performance. Even at early stages, dehydration can cause fatigue, loss of energy and brain fog:

1% dehydration – You begin to feel thirsty.

2% dehydration – Creeping anxiety, with reduced appetite and capacity for work.

4% dehydration – Feelings of nausea, dizziness, emotional instability, fatigue.

6% dehydration – Loss of coordination and coherence of speech.

10% dehydration – Your body loses its ability to regulate its core temperature, and cells begin to die.

Bet you didn’t know how just a tiny deficiency of water throws your body’s healthy systems out of whack!

How much fluid do we really need? Most health experts agree that the “8x8 Rule” (eight 8-ounce glasses daily) is a good recommendation. The Mayo Clinic puts it another way:  If you drink enough fluid so that you rarely feel thirsty and produce 1.5 liters (6.3 cups) or more of colorless or slightly yellow urine a day, your fluid intake is probably adequate.

The general consensus is that water is the best choice for effective hydration. Your body’s cells cry out for water! It’s clean, cheap and readily available … but there is an important caveat. Avoid drinking tap water, which contains chlorine as well as hundreds of harmful contaminants.

Chlorinated water does destroy some bad bugs that can cause disease … along with the “friendly” gut bacteria necessary for your good health. That’s why the water you drink should be purified by means of a good filtration system.

But some people just like plain water. For them, drinking it is a chore rather than a pleasure. Others enjoy it well enough, but just want a more flavorful option now and then, without having to worry about the unhealthful effects of sugary sodas or the suspect ingredients in diet soft drinks.

If jazzing up your water will encourage you to drink more of it … by all means, have at it! Here are some cool summer options for liquid refreshment – and they’re good for your health as well as your waistline:

  • The simple addition of ice and a lemon slice can bring a touch of elegance to a glass of water. Plus, the lemon is a digestive aid with a mini-boost of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • Flavored waters are sold in stores, or you can easily make your own. If you are buying them, be careful … some contain artificial sweeteners. You can create your own flavored waters at home by adding a few pieces of fruit to a pitcher of ice water. Lemon, lime, watermelon, raspberry, strawberry, kiwi – your seasonal favorites! Allow the pitcher to sit in the fridge for a few hours to let the fruit flavors mix in.
  • Jeltzer: Add a splash of unsweetened fruit or vegetable juice (my favorites are cranberry and pomegranate) to seltzer water over ice.
  • Iced tea, the old standby: Boost the health properties of this traditional summertime beverage by trying iced green tea – or, if you prefer a caffeine-free beverage, rooibos (also known as African bush tea or red tea). Raise the “wow” factor of these teas with some intriguing flavor infusions such as jasmine or mint.
  • Stevia – If you absolutely must sweeten your beverage, this plant extract has been used as a sweetener by native people in South America for hundreds of years and is being researched for its possible health benefits including lowering blood pressure and regulating glucose levels. Stevia is sweeter than sugar, so use just a pinch.

Do you like your water “fancied up”? Let us know your favorites!


5 Things You Need To Be Happier And Healthier At Work

by Nancy Maneely

People: We spend a large portion of our lives at work … about a third of it, if you work the usual 40 hours a week. Why do so many of us live in denial of this fact, by keeping our workstations devoid of any vestige of humanity?

Oh sure, you may keep a box of tissues handy and maybe, if you’re sentimental, a portrait of your kids. But it’s time to acknowledge the fact that your work station is an essential part of your life for 8 (long) hours a day, and you need to supply it with some comfort items that contribute to your health and well-being.

  1. Let’s start with a green plant, OK? Yes, they look pretty. But they also work hard, just as you do. Plants remove a variety of toxic air emissions including ammonia, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, benzene, xylene and trichloroethytene – the kind of stuff that is probably all over the place if you work in a modern office environment. And plants make you happy, which is more than you can say of most of your coworkers. Countless studies have shown that living plants indoors can promote relaxation, lower blood pressure and even speed healing in hospital patients. So, put one to work for you.
  2. Green Tea. Speaking of green things … did you know antioxidant-rich green tea is just about the healthiest beverage on the planet? It’s inexpensive, and convenient if you have access to hot water. Keep some tea bags stashed in a desk drawer and enjoy a cup of green tea at least once a day while at work. More than a decade’s worth of research has found that green tea's antioxidants, called catechins, scavenge for free radicals that can damage DNA and contribute to cancer, blood clots, high cholesterol and diabetes.
  3. Nuts and seeds to snack on. When that mid-morning or mid-afternoon funk sets in, you need something in a hurry to replenish your energy reserves and relieve the hunger pangs. Rather than head to the health horror show that is the breakroom vending machine, reach for almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds or your favorite combination. The Food and Drug Administration is now reviewing a proposal that would allow foods containing nuts to carry this label: "Diets containing one ounce of nuts per day can reduce your risk of heart disease."
  4. Eye drops. This is especially important if you spend long hours at a computer, which inhibits the blinking reflex and causes computer vision syndrome, which can lead to a whole host of eye health problems. If you don’t (yet) have serious issues with dryness, use a natural, preservative-free saline solution to moisten eyes several times a day. If dry eyes are a continual irritation, look for drops that contain a lubricating solution to soothe and protect delicate eye tissues.
  5. A timer. Use your watch, or your smartphone, or even a reminder programmed into your computer’s scheduling software. Set it to chime softly or vibrate every 30 minutes (ideally) to an hour, reminding you to stand up, stretch, look out a window, and take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Human beings were not built to crouch over a keyboard for hours at a time. Recent health reports have warned that sitting for long periods is linked to health problems and a shorter life span. Even a brief, brisk walk to the copy machine and back periodically can benefit your body – and help keep your brain functioning at optimal levels.

What is your favorite way to feel happier and healthier while at work?



Best Green Drink Smoothie Recipe

by Nancy Maneely

Here is a quick and easy basic green smoothie recipe that you’ll love.Best Green Drink Smoothie Recipe

Afternoon Energy Boosting Smoothie

  • 1 scoop All Day Energy Greens
  • One whole banana
  • One whole pear
  • 1/2 cup of strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries
  • Two cups of purified or filtered water

First, add 1 scoop of All Day Energy Greens to blender. Secondly, peel and smash the banana, then add. Follow with the pear, halved and seeded. Next, add the berries. In the case of strawberries, you might wish to remove the heads, and it should be noted that raspberries contain small seeds that may not disintegrate entirely during the blending process.

In the last step, add the 2 cups of purified water. The amount of water should barely cover the top of the fruit. If 2 cups is not enough, you can always add a little more. Once all of the ingredients have been added, adjust the blender to a high setting and run for 2-3 minutes, or until the smoothie concoction has achieved a creamy consistency.

Feel free to create your own recipes. Try experimenting with different fruits and vegetables to find the mixture you like best. Many people prefer other leafy greens such as kale. When it comes to green smoothie recipes, there is no right or wrong combination of ingredients!


Green Drink Supplements for Proper PH Balance in Your Body

by Health News

Today’s hectic lifestyles leave little time for making healthy food choices and pollutants in the air and water are perpetually pouring toxins into the environment that have to be processed by our bodies. Years of poor nutrition and environmental toxicity eventually take a toll and we can easily wind up with a compromised immune system that zaps our energy and leaves us vulnerable to a host of serious health maladies. 

What many people don’t realize is that a proper PH balance in the body can restore youthful energy and boost our body’s ability to stay healthy and strong.  The correct PH balance is achieved when we have the proper ratio of alkaline and acidic foods in our diets.  Alkaline foods include asparagus, artichokes, lettuce, peas, spinach, green beans and broccoli. Acidic foods include meats, dairy products, white bread, white pasta, chocolate, coffee and carbonated drinks. Nutritional experts recommend that at least 75 percent of our diets should consist of alkaline foods. Unfortunately most of us are not getting enough alkaline foods in our diet to stay healthy and energized. 

Best Green Drink Supplements Increases Energy

In recent years, green superfoods have emerged as a viable way to keep our bodies in balance. Green superfoods are nutrient rich and are derived from green plants, algae and cereal grasses.  These foods are rich in chlorophyll and they feature potent concentrations of digestible vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and other beneficial substances.

There are several green superfood supplements on the market that make it easy to get a daily dose of these life-boosting nutrients.  One of the best is All Day Energy Greens”. This easy-to-use powdered supplement dissolves quickly and easily into your favorite beverage and one glass contains a whole day’s worth of the nutrients your body needs to stay alkalized and balanced.  This supplement costs just pennies a day and could literally save you thousands of dollars in the medical bills that mount up when diseases invade the body due to a weakened immune system. 

More than 100,000 people have used this remarkable supplement and those who share their experiences report increased energy levels, decreased joint and muscle pain, improved regularity, radiant skin, superior mental clarity and reductions in blood sugar and cholesterol levels. 

If you are one of the millions of people who are settling for a lackluster life caused by improper balance you should talk to your holistic health practitioner about adding All Day Energy Greens” to your daily regimen. Join the thousands of people who have traded fatigue and illness for vim and vigor and feel the positive difference it makes in your life.

How do you increase your energy throughout the day?


All Day Energy Greens Review

by Health News

All Day Energy Greens, a potent natural green drink supplement that helps to boost energy naturally.

Today’s hectic lifestyles leave little time for making healthy food choices and pollutants in the air and water are perpetually pouring toxins into the environment that have to be processed by our bodies. Years of poor nutrition and environmental toxicity eventually take a toll and we can easily wind up with a compromised immune system that zaps our energy and leaves us vulnerable to a host of serious health maladies. 

What many people don’t realize is that a proper PH balance in the body can restore youthful energy and boost our body’s ability to stay healthy and strong.  The correct PH balance is achieved when we have the proper ratio of alkaline and acidic foods in our diets.  Alkaline foods include asparagus, artichokes, lettuce, peas, spinach, green beans and broccoli. Acidic foods include meats, dairy products, white bread, white pasta, chocolate, coffee and carbonated drinks. Nutritional experts recommend that at least 75 percent of our diets should consist of alkaline foods. Unfortunately most of us are not getting enough alkaline foods in our diet to stay healthy and energized. 

All Day Energy Greens Review

In recent years, green superfoods have emerged as a viable way to keep our bodies in balance. Green superfoods are nutrient rich and are derived from green plants, algae and cereal grasses.  These foods are rich in chlorophyll and they feature potent concentrations of digestible vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and other beneficial substances.

There are several green superfood supplements on the market that make it easy to get a daily dose of these life-boosting nutrients.  One of the best is “All Day Energy Greens”. This easy-to-use powdered supplement dissolves quickly and easily into your favorite beverage and one glass contains a whole day’s worth of the nutrients your body needs to stay alkalized and balanced.  This supplement costs just pennies a day and could literally save you thousands of dollars in the medical bills that mount up when diseases invade the body due to a weakened immune system. 

More than 100,000 people have used this remarkable supplement and those who share their experiences report increased energy levels, decreased joint and muscle pain, improved regularity, radiant skin, superior mental clarity and reductions in blood sugar and cholesterol levels. 

If you are one of the millions of people who are settling for a lackluster life caused by improper balance you should talk to your holistic health practitioner about adding All Day Energy Greens” to your daily regimen. Join the thousands of people who have traded fatigue and illness for vim and vigor and feel the positive difference it makes in your life.


The 2 Best Natural Energy Booster Superfood Supplements

by Health News

The benefits of taking healthy supplements Go Ruby Go And All Day Energy Greens has been well-documented by testimonials from thousands of people who have used these natural supplements to unlock the door to vibrant health. Either one of these amazing supplements can provide substantial health support, but when you include both of them in your daily routine you will naturally boost your energy.  

Go Ruby Go All Day Energy Greens Combo IVLProducts.com

While we have always known that fruits and vegetables have vital roles to play in keeping us healthy, most people in this country aren't getting the amounts they need in their daily diets. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the majority of Americans are getting only a fraction of the nutrients they need from food. Furthermore, the quality of the food we consume has become diminished through the years because much of it is grown in soils where the quality of the minerals has been depleted. 

Overuse of pesticides has created immune-suppressing toxins in the food we eat and in the air we breathe. That is why it is so important to use nutritional supplements to ensure good health.    

Go Ruby Go contains concentrated fruit extracts including 42 fruit-based blood purifiers, cleansers and detoxifiers. Once harmful toxins are removed, your body will reward you with energy levels you haven’t experienced in years. Fruits are also ideal sources of phytochemicals which help fight off bacteria, fungi, free radicals and inflammation. Regular use of Go Ruby Go provides a substantial energy boost and can also contribute to improved muscle tone, better circulation, healthy digestion and sharper brain focus. 

Go Ruby Go IVL Products

All Day Energy Greens complements the benefits of Go Ruby Go by providing 38 herbs, grass juices and extracts. The key ingredients in All Day Energy Greens are four superfoods:

  • Spirulina
  • Chlorella
  • Wheatgrass
  • Barley Grass

These superfoods are packed with the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids that are needed for vibrant health. 

All Day Energy Greens IVL Products

Both of these powerful natural energy boosting supplements come in an easy-to-absorb powdered form that can be dissolved in water so that they are easily digested. They are 100% natural and contain no common allergens or fillers. Just one tablespoon of these supplements will provide your body with substantial amounts of vital nutrients without added calories or carbohydrates.

Staying healthy and vibrant has never been easier and abundant energy is achievable at any age. Why settle for feeling “just okay” when you can kick your vitality up a notch with these power-packed supplements? Make this dynamic duo part of your stay well strategy so you can look forward to a happy, healthy new year.   

Do you take either All Day Energy or Go Ruby Go?

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Green Drink Supplements Boost Energy

by Health News

Today’s hectic schedules, environmental toxins, over-processed foods and unprecedented stress levels are enough to send anybody’s energy reserves into a downward spiral. It is impossible to live a vibrant life when you feel perpetually lethargic.

The epidemic of fatigue in this country has led to a booming market for so-called “energy boosting” drinks, many of which contain excessive amounts of sugar, caffeine and harmful chemicals.

The drinks are especially popular among high school and college students, but have been embraced by people of all ages. Several studies have linked energy drinks to cardiac abnormalities, breathing problems, seizures, strokes and mood disorders.

The drinks are particularly risky for children who suffer from ADHD, diabetes and cardiac problems.   Energy drinks also have a dehydrating effect on the body, making them a dangerous choice for athletes who need to replenish fluids. Contrary to what the beverage marketing gurus want us to believe, sugar, caffeine and chemicals are not healthy ways to boost energy levels.

So what can you do to safely boost your energy naturally? Proper rest, regular exercise, good nutrition and a positive attitude can go a long way toward helping you maintain a vital, active life. Unfortunately, most people aren’t getting the recommended eight hours of sleep needed to function at full capacity. Environmental toxins and depleted soils compromise the nutritional value of the foods we eat. Most of us aren’t finding time to exercise and excessive daily stressors are taking a toll on our mental health.

Green Drink Supplements Boost Energy
Millions of Americans have made the smart decision to embrace healthy lifestyle changes and to use natural nutritional supplements to safely boost energy levels. There are four green “superfoods” that contain significant levels of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids that we need to stay healthy and energized. Spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass and barley grass are packed with health-giving nutrients and all four are available in a powdered supplement called “All Day Energy Greens.” This easy-to-use supplement, which is available from the Institute for Vibrant Living,” contains 38 herbs, herb abstracts and grass juices. Because it is dissolved in water, it is easy for your body to digest and absorb. Used regularly this supplement may give your body the steady supply of energy it needs to function at peak capacity.

Are you considering making green superfoods part of your daily routine? Try All Day Energy Greens, a natural energy boosting supplement.


Key Green Drink Supplement That Boosts Energy

by Health News

Whether you call it lime, asparagus, Kelly, jade, forest, or emerald—green is green. And whether you are talking about algae, spirulina, chlorella, or cilantro—green superfoods are golden nuggets of health.
Green foods are packed with so many nutrients, it’s no wonder they are called the super foods of the nutrition world. They are exceptionally rich sources of chlorophyll and vital minerals, and have been found to support your immune system, eliminate toxins, promote a healthy gut and bowel, inhibit Candida, help you maintain a healthy weight, and give you loads of energy.
How to do it
Today, take advantage of the amazing power of greens by adding a green superfood powder, like All Day Energy Greens, to a smoothie for breakfast. Mix with 2 cups of water, 1 cup of frozen berries, 1 cup of fresh spinach, and a generous scoop of greens powder. Blend well and enjoy!

All Day Energy Greens IVLProducts.com
What your favorite ingredient to add to your morning smoothies?

Natural Weight Loss Supplements

by Health News

Many of us struggle to maintain a healthy body weight, and for some, limiting calories and increasing exercise makes dieting a very long and slow process. Any help to speed up weight loss is gratefully received and, knowing this, the market is swamped with diet pills and "magic" weight loss aids offering unbelievable overnight success.

The hard truth is that most of these products are expensive and work on amphetamines, diuretics or laxatives. At worst they are dangerous or illegal and at best the weight loss is temporary as it is simply water, not fat, that is shed.

If you are looking for a safe all-natural supplement to accompany a sensible low fat diet, then there are some excellent herbs from Mother Nature herself to aid your efforts to lose weight.


Guggul is made from a resin sourced from a thorny Indian plant. It promotes a healthy thyroid, which in turn controls the body's metabolism. A sluggish thyroid can be a big hindrance for those on a diet so taking guggul makes sure the food you eat is turned into energy, not stored up as fat. Guggul also lowers cholesterol and triglycerides as well as lowering your weight!

Psyllium Husks

Diets can cause constipation so taking psyllium husks which are dense in natural fiber makes good sense. Psyllium not only cleanses the colon and removes toxins, it also keeps food moving and ensures regularity. Add whole psyllium husks to at least 8 fluid ounces water, sugar-free juice, fat-free milk or soy drink. If taken before meals it swells in the stomach to make you feel full so you can choose smaller portions. You can also add it to soup for a satisfying low-calorie snack when you crave food.

Green Tea

Green tea is a great drink for dieters. Sip up throughout the day for a calorie-free intake of antioxidants and nutrients. Green tea is great for regulating the metabolism, like guggul, and it stimulates fat-burning. It is a great de-toxifier for your digestive system and the polyphenols induce weight loss and promote health. A great way to take it is by adding droplets of Green Tea Elixir, a concentrated source of green tea extract, to your favourite soda or hot drink to get all the benefits of green tea.

Garcinia Camboja

You may never have heard of garcinia camboja but it is an ingredient used in many slimming supplements. It is better known as HCA which stands for hydroxycitric acid garcinia cambogia, an ingredient which is derived from this Asian fruit. It is said to help suppress the appetite and enhance serotonin levels boosting feelings of happiness and well-being.

If you can't diet alone, get these four "friends" to help and support you. With daily exercise and a sensible healthy diet you will soon be well on your way to diet success!




Healthy Holiday Survival Guide

by Health News

by: Cindy Grey

Just the thought of THE HOLIDAYS can bring pangs of panic and fear to many. For some, spending the holidays with their family brings warm and fuzzy thoughts to mind. For others, gathering for any extended period of time with THE FAMILY is just short of a train wreck. But for just about everyone, the holidays invite a different kind of wreck, call it a diet-wreck, one filled with calorie-rich and sodium-laden foods resulting in swollen fingers, puffy faces, and the kind of spare tire nobody wants in their trunk.  

But, regardless of what types of holidays you and yours tend to celebrate, you can deal with them—enjoy them, even!—and yet not fall prey to the diet-wreck that often accompanies their celebratory nature. So, what can you do to prepare yourself, to become a Healthy Holiday Survivalist?

To make the most of this holiday season, here are a few easy-to-use survival tips:

BYOP (Bring Your Own Pumpkin pie, that is. Or BYOT for bring your own turkey, or tofu if you don't eat meat. You get the idea.) Chances are you know the people and the places you will be visiting, so be prepared! The average holiday meal can easily exceed 2,000 fat-laden calories. Don't obsess about what NOT to eat, (guilty feelings are very toxic) instead learn about delicious, healthy foods that may already be on your shoppng list. If Great Aunt Marcy tends to cook a bit heavy-handed, offer to bring (or sneak in) a healthy version of a holiday standard. Here are a few: 

Pumpkins— A beautiful veggie, loaded with vitamin A and fiber. Tailor this year's pumpkin pie with an egg substitute, light cream (or low-fat evaporated milk, or soy milk). Avoid transfat in your pie crust, or make your own without shortening. Use natural sugar substitutes like stevia, honey, brown rice syrup or agave syrup. (Bonus: Survivalists have been known to catapult pumpkins at warring tribe's camps.) 

Cranberries, rich with vitamin C, naturally low in calories, coupled with dietary fiber and manganese. With an abundance of proanthocyanidins, the type of antioxidant that helps to keep bacteria from adhering to the lining of the bladder and urinary tract. Skip the canned cranberry sauce and whip up a batch of your own. Simply simmer fresh cranberries with a little orange juice and zest, sweeten with a natural sweetener, and top with mandarin oranges and chopped walnuts. You can have seconds of this, and thirds too!

The sweet potato, often ignored until the holidays, when grandma baked a casserole laden with tons of brown sugar and marshmallows. Yuk! Sweet potato is a root veggie, and a rich source of antioxidants such as vitamin C and beta-carotene. Loaded with potassium and a delicious, edible skin that provides the health benefits of fiber, making the sweet potato a healthy holiday food. Try something different this year and cut them into wedges and roast them drizzled with olive oil and rosemary or your favorite fresh herbs. Sweet potatoes are also delicous mashed with buttermilk, added to a harvest squash soup, or baked and served simply like a baked white potato. (Raw sweet potatoes also make a good weapon when needed at a holiday gathering.)

What about good old-fashioned green beans? While they may be one of the healthiest holiday foods out there, (and an excellent source manganese, vitamins A, C, K, fiber, folate, iron and potassium), the traditional green bean casserole is high in calories and sodium. Help this delicious dish to survive by making a low-fat version with fat-free cream of mushroom soup and a heart-healthy butter substitute. For extra healthy flavor, cook some onions in olive oil first, add fresh mushrooms, and mix this into the recipe.

And finally, THE BIRD... the big, bad bird... the turkey. This beloved bird is an excellent source of protein, and provides the least amount of fat per serving, compared to other meats, if you pass on the skin. And while you're passing, try passing on the ham too. Ham is loaded with fat and is high in sodium, so make it easier to pass on this holiday season by not serving it at all. (Don't forget sticks or twigs in case you need to build a fire.)

BYOP also means Bring Your Own Papaya enzymes for knotting tummies and holiday indigestion. 

Fill Your Tank Before Heading Out
Before soldiering out into the great beyond, heading for your holiday destination, think smart: Start out your day with a healthy breakfast like oatmeal, yoghurt and fresh fruit—that way you're not famished when you arrive at the party. At the party, eat plenty of fresh veggies, with a low-cal dip on the side (even if you have to bring it.) If you partake at the party, drink a healthy glass of wine, even a wine spritzer to make the beverage last longer, top it off with fresh citrus for added taste and flair. Feel confident with fresh breath at a party by brushing your teeth and flossing often—remember, dental plaque has been linked with cardiovascular disease, so keep 'em clean! 

Size Does Matter
Use portion control to avoid poison control! In challenging nutritional situations like these, believe me, portion control is your ultimate weapon.   Aunt What's Her Name may take your refusal of seconds (and thirds!) as a personal affront to her cooking talents (cat hair aside), so become skillful at moving food around your plate (and into a foil-lined pocket—you're prepared, remember?) Eat smaller portions, and don't buy into the holiday guilt trip that can drag you down in spirit. 

Use Your Senses   
Using your senses is a no-brainer, but you need a brain to do it! So stay rested, feed your brain and body with a good, quality multi-vitamin, multi-mineral supplement. When visiting in-laws or outlaws, come armed and prepared with a fine-tuned sense of humor and big dose of common sense. If the energy gets weird, envision yourself observing your self...and don't let “them” get to you. Smile and nod to that cousin in the corner with the chip (and dip) on her shoulder, staring transfixed into the e-gadget seemingly built into her palm. Ignore that serving of sour grapes, even if they are organic. Sharpen your tools of defense, and proudly outsmart them by being skillfully oblivious to any real or perceived dysfunction. Luckily the holidays only come 'round once a year! So enjoy them! 

Holiday Survivalist Gift List
Don't be caught with your gift-pants down! Shop well ahead of time (you're prepared, remember?!) and choose an assortment of easy-to-buy, wrap-, transport- and give- gifts. A nice bottle of wine or sparkling juice in a pretty gift bag is a good hostess idea. What about gadget-store gifts cards for the gloomy cousin, or a basket of cat toys and accessories for Aunt What's Her Name? Shopping throughout the year is my personal saving grace. I aim for being done by Halloween—but don't tell anyone, because they will hate you for your preparedness, and not invite you to their party, which could be a strategy you might find useful.  

These are just a few ideas for making your holiday healthy and delicious. The two can go hand in hand. The holiday season is a season of celebration and spending time with friends and family, no matter how stressful or crazy they may be. So when Uncle Tudball dispenses a welcoming whack on your back, strong enough to dislodge a rum ball, remember this holiday season, the key word is survival! Take it with a grain of sea salt! Be prepared. Happy holidays. 


All Day Energy Greens: Its Benefits

by Health News

All Day Energy Greens: Benefits, Reviews

All Day Energy Greens® is chock full of fruits and vegetables which are free of pesticides and herbicides and cultivated with ecologically-friendly methods.

Life gets busy which can be a drain on energy. These days, people often turn to an energy drink for a quick “pick me up.” The difficulty can lie in finding a safe, natural energy drink – one that is full of nutrients as opposed to caffeine and sugar. Here are some ways in which this drink is safer than many of the others.

This ultra-nutritious drink contains no common allergens like wheat, animal products, dairy, garlic, yeast, MSG, alcohol, coloring or preservatives, and it is also free of rice, oat or bran fillers.

All Day Energy Greens® is made into a finely-milled powder which blends quickly and dissolves easily. The alkalizing nutrients in this drink are easily digested which has an energy-boosting effect on the body. Many popular foods like meats, cheese, bread and pasta are acid-forming which can put the pH level in the body in the acid range (below 7.0). When this happens, the body retains water to lower acidity and stores fat in the arteries to guard against too much acid in the blood. The nutrients in All Day Energy Greens® help restore a healthier pH balance to the body, safely releasing water weight and fat from the bloodstream.

Acid overload can also have an effect on other parts of the body. Overload in the joints results in arthritis and when muscles are affected, rheumatism or fibromyalgia can arise. Consumption of higher alkaline foods, like those found in All Day Energy Greens®, may help to expel acid wastes from the bloodstream which can relieve muscle and joint pain and stiffness.

Loaded with healthy apple and vegetable fiber, this drink also may help remove toxins, cholesterol, and metabolic waste from the digestive system which cleans the colon and restores regularity.

One research study examined nearly 40,000 men over an eight year period. It was found that chances of stroke in those who consumed at least five daily servings of fruits and vegetables were 39% lower than the chances for men who consumed less than five servings of fruits and vegetables. The high-quality fiber in All Day Energy Greens® works as a chelating agent to clear arteries of debris and unhealthy LDL cholesterol. This drink is a good source of vitamins and minerals including potassium which helps regulate heart rhythms and works with sodium to maintain a healthy balance of water in the body. This can have a positive effect on blood pressure and cholesterol.

All Day Energy Greens® safely boosts energy by naturally regulating blood sugar levels. A resistance to insulin means that the pancreas is producing enough, but the body cells aren’t receiving it which results in uneven distribution of glucose through the body. This can happen with the consumption of processed foods and those high in sugar which require more insulin. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables can help stabilize blood sugar levels.

Nutritious fruits and vegetables can also promote an energetic and sharp mind by feeding and nourishing brain cells. If the bloodstream is clogged with impurities, nutrients have a difficult time passing through the blood-brain barrier, which can have an effect on cognition and mental clarity.

All Day Energy Greens® is a healthy alternative to many of the “pick me up” beverages on the market today. Add it to your daily diet to ensure a good supply of safe, natural energy throughout the day.

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Three Supplements to Slow the Aging Process

by Health News

Here are three supplements that may increase energy levels, detoxify the body, enhance the immune system, and promote better aging. 

Secretagogue hGH Plus®
This effective, anti-aging supplement is made up of substances which are designed to enhance the production of human growth hormone with stimulation of the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland.  Studies have shown that the right blending of amino acids and essential vitamins and minerals can promote an increase of hGH in the body.  It has been determined that hGH can retard the aging process and actually reverse the effects of aging throughout the entire body.

Secretagogue hGH Plus® may reduce fatigue and inflammation, bolster the immune system, promote healthy blood pressure, strengthen muscles and enhance tissue repair to keep the body feeling young and vital.

Secretagogue hGH Plus IVL Products

All Day Energy Greens®
This green juice supplement is packed with nutrients, providing a daily supply of fruits and vegetables with each serving.  A powder that mixes easily in water, it can also be added to juice or a smoothie.  Containing 38 different herbs and grass juice extracts, All Day Energy Greens® is an all-natural supplement that contains no harmful allergens or pesticides.  It supplies the body with disease-busting antioxidants needed for optimum health.    Anti-aging benefits can include a reduction in aches and pains, increased strength and stamina, improved mental clarity, a more productive immune system and smoother, more youthful skin.

All Day Energy Greens IVL Products

Super Wheatgrass Combo™
Many modern-American diets consist of acid-forming foods that promote fat storage, overloading the cells with impurities and toxins. This causes acidification which creates a cycle of imbalance in the body.

Super Wheatgrass Combo IVL Products

To generate better health and slow the aging process, consume more alkaline-forming foods like fruits, vegetables and nuts which help to neutralize acid and carry more oxygen to the cells. To seal the deal, try a whole food supplement like Super Wheatgrass Combo™, which may literally keep the doctor away – it is a powerful combination of 100% organic wheatgrass, barley grass and lemon grass in one alkalizing tablet.

Chock full of enzymes, proteins, phytochemicals, fatty acids, and trace minerals, Super Wheatgrass Combo™ may immediately cleanse the blood, eliminate toxins in the liver and colon and slow aging.

Aging well is up to the individual.  An active lifestyle, a healthy diet and daily supplementation can go a long way toward feeling more youthful – inside and out. 


All Natural Energy with Green Tea Elixir

by Health News

All natural energy supplement Green Tea Elixir is a potent combination of five healthful ingredients, this drink provides the body with nearly all of the antioxidants it needs.

With a pleasant, sweet taste it can be added to any hot or cold beverage. Take a look at the benefits offered by ingredients found in Green Tea Elixir.

Green Tea Elixir IVL Products

Green Tea Leaf Extract - Among a host of healthy properties, the tannins found in green tea leaves aid in the absorption of bad cholesterol and inhibit oxidation in the body, which is a leading cause of cell destruction and mutation.

Magic Fruit – Used by the Chinese for over 1,000 years, magic fruit is roughly 250 times sweeter than sugar with no calories!  It has been used in Chinese medicine for the treatment of colds, sore throats and dry lungs. Magic fruit reduces phlegm and helps to eliminate stomach upset and constipation.

Hibiscus – This plant is used in Chinese medicine to combat high blood pressure and liver ailments. With a tart, berry-like flavor, hibiscus contains many of the same potent antioxidants found in red wine. These antioxidants are believed to help lower bad cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease and hypertension.

Rose Hips – Known for their delicate flavor, rose hips are grown throughout the world and are a rich source of vitamin C.   They are often used as a remedy for headaches and as a natural laxative and diuretic. Rose hip oil has been used as a treatment for burns and scars and is a well-known moisturizer, which helps to inhibit premature aging of the skin.

Pomegranate – With antibacterial and antiviral properties, this tart and tangy fruit has been eaten by people in Asia and the Middle East since biblical times. Pomegranate is known to ignite the production of nitric oxide in the body, which helps prevent hypertension and heart disease by relaxing the blood vessels. An excellent source of ellagic acid, pomegranate may also inhibit cell damage in the body.

If you are looking for improved nutrition and enhanced energy in one quick and easy drink, try Green Tea Elixir. It may offer powerful nutrients to provide your body with a host of health benefits including consistent, day-long energy!


All Day Energy Greens: A Natural Energy Boosting Supplement Green Drink

by Health News

Nutritional green super food All Day Energy Greens.
This is an natural health supplement drink containing 38 herbs, herbal extracts and grass juices. One serving of All Day Energy Greens provides more nutrition than five servings of fruits and vegetables with less calories and carbohydrates, making it easier to digest! As a result, the body efficiently absorbs all the nutrients it needs for day-long energy.

All Day Energy Greens IVL Products
This product has an alkalizing effect on the body, literally carrying away acids and eliminating them through the kidneys. Ridding the body of acids and toxins offers many health benefits including improved digestion, reduction in food cravings, fat loss, muscle gain and of course, replenished energy. With use of this product, one may experience improved strength and stamina in as little as 30 days.

Have you ever tried All Day Energy Greens?


3 Key Superfood Supplements You Need to for Health Living

by Health News

Summer means enjoying the outdoors and longer days. To make a smooth transition into this time of year, look for ways to increase your energy naturally. Include consuming ‘green energy’ vitamins, minerals and supplements— like IVL's all natural energy supplements All Day Energy GreensDaily Start Superfood Multivitamin or Super Wheatgrass Combo.

Add these natural health solutions to you daily routine to boost your energy for a more productive summer.

Natural Energy Boosters for Summer Activities

Summer activities welcome the new warm climate, from gardening, potting plants and lawn care. Children and grandchildren are looking for more playtime with their parents and grandparents during the summer, so the ability to increase energy naturally is especially important. Swimming, vacations, flying kites and nature walks all require extra energy when dealing with young loved ones.

With summer just beginning, look for IVL’s health supplements to help increase your energy naturally, then go enjoy all those summer activities you have planned.

Green foods help neutralize the acid in your body to help you feel better … Recover Quicker … Reduce Food Cravings … Function in Good Health … and become totally ENERGIZED.

Do you want to boost your energy naturally to help you stay active this summer?


Green Is For Health: Chlorophyll

by Not in Use Not In Use

The word “green” has become a codeword for that which is healthy, environmentally beneficial, and positive. It’s naturally assumed that this is derived from the green color of plants, which symbolizes nature and overall natural health. But, the question can be asked, why are plants green?

The answer is chlorophyll. Simply put, chlorophyll is the single most critical substance in plants that allows them to absorb light from the sun and convert that light into usable energy. Chlorophyll has a chemical structure that is quite similar to a chemical structure found within our red blood cells. All of the green vegetables are concentrated sources of chlorophyll, and appear to be better sources of antioxidants than antioxidant supplements.

Chlorophyll has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and wound-healing properties. Chlorophyll is a good source of antioxidant nutrients. Antioxidant nutrients such as vitamins A, C and E help to neutralize free radicals in the body that can cause damage to healthy cells. Moreover, chlorophyll delivers magnesium to the body and helps the blood carry oxygen to the cells and tissue, and it has been studied for its potential in stimulating tissue growth and in stimulating red blood cells in connection with oxygen supply.

Research studies in humans have found that damage to DNA by aflatoxin can be decreased as much as 55% through supplementation with chlorophyllin at 100 milligrams, 3 times a day, for 4 months. Although research is still in the early stage, prevention and treatment of liver cancer, skin cancer, and colon cancer are being investigated in relationship to intake of chlorophyll-containing vegetables and supplementation with chlorophyllin.

On a poetic note, chlorophyll is the chemical which allows plants to grow from sunlight; that is, chlorophyll is essential in the transformation of light energy to chemical energy in photosynthesis. It may not be too much of a leap to think that the ingestion of chlorophyll is the ingestion of sunlight itself, and perhaps that sunlight is essential to not only life on earth, but our lives as well. If it is too poetic, it is comforting to know that science reinforces this notion, and that the color green is more than just a symbolic notion of health - it is a literal denotation of it as well.


All Day Energy Greens Naturally Boosts Energy

by Health News

IVL Products All Day Energy GreensAll Day Energy Greens is an all natural energy green drink. This natural dietary supplement is a  whole superfood that’s easy to digest. Learn more about how All Day Energy Greens increase energy naturally.

When an energy booster is needed, most people reach for an energy drink, little realizing that the energy they are craving will be provided by a caffeine fix or a sugar overload. Manufacturers of these energy drinks are pretty smart when it comes to promoting the drinks as healthy, but those with some knowledge of nutrition will know that the words “guarana” or “yerba mate” are simply a hidden way of providing caffeine.

The true healthy alternative is to take an all-natural energy drink which sources the energy from nutritious and detoxifying ingredients. Unlike sugar-based energy drinks, All Day Energy Greens is based on spirulina and chlorella which acts to cleanse the system as it meets the need for an urgent energy boost.

This powdered natural food supplement is the perfect way to increase energy naturally. Being in liquid form it is quick and easy to drink and the body can start to digest it immediately. The nutrients soon hit the spot, providing renewed vigor. As the ingredients pass through the body, they continue to cleanse and detoxify, which is another cause to feel more fit and more energetic than ever.

The All Day Energy Greens is often taken as an easy way to ensure that the user has the recommended five servings of fruit and vegetables. It is a great way for those leading hectic lives to take care of their health and digestive requirements without having to shop for, prepare and cook a variety of vegetables and fruits. This drink comes in powder form and is easily mixed with water and has a very palatable taste. For a change, prepare it with apple juice or add it to a smoothie to get all the benefits without boring the taste buds.

Along with that all-important energy boost, All Day Energy Greens includes grass juices, herbal extracts and 38 different herbs and natural supplements, yet it contains just 34 calories per serving with 2g of total fat, 5g carbohydrates, 1 gram of dietary fiber and 1 gram of protein.

What it doesn’t have is equally important. All Day Energy Greens has no allergens such as wheat, MSG, yeast, eggs, bee pollen, dairy or animal products. It is alcohol and preservative free and does not contain any herbicides or pesticides.

Next time you need an all-day energy booster, think green and choose nature’s answer with All Day Energy Greens.

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Natural Energy Boosters: How to Boost your Afternoon Energy with Green Supplements

by Health News

Boost Energy Naturally The Institute for Vibrant LivingAll Day Energy Greens and Berry Essentials work well alone or in combination to boost energy and get you over the afternoon blues.  We all know how tough it can be making it through the afternoon hours once energy levels have dropped.  Yet, there are excellent solutions that are caffeine and chemical free, which can really revitalize you and improve your health at the same time.

Let’s face it; we all have days where our energy levels drop considerably in the afternoon.  Now on a particularly stressful or physically demanding day, this is understandable and quite natural.  However, it is important that you realize that there are steps you can take to keep this from happening to you. 

By using proper nutrition, such as vitamin, mineral and protein rich foods or natural energy supplements, you can “recharge your battery” anytime of the day including during the all-important afternoon period.

When you are looking for ways of increasing your energy levels, its good to know that there are options other than caffeine.  The simple facts are that you don't have to reach for coffee, tea or an “energy bar or drink” to get your energy boost.  Energy bars and drinks tend to be high in an assortment of things that your body just doesn't need, such as sugar, chemicals, additives and preservatives. 

Even the best choices on the market have their problems.  For example, many of these products secretly contain caffeine.  What you really need to find are energy boosters that also improve health and well-being at the same time.  They will give you the “juice” you need to make it through those difficult afternoon hours.

Nature has created its own little energy powerhouse in the form of the seemingly humble berry.  While taking berries with you wherever you go may not be very practical, natural dietary supplement Berry Essentials certainly can get the job done. Berry Essentials combines the 10 most powerful berries along with a variety of herbs, other fruits and vegetables into an easy to digest powdered form.  Black cherries, beet powder, elderberries and bilberries are just a few of the fruits contained in this impressive nutrition and energy boosting powder.  In fact, you even get purple carrot, broccoli, kale and numerous other superfoods for good measure.

Health supplement All Day Energy Greens stands as a nice companion to Berry Essentials, as it is loaded down with no less than 38 different grass extracts, herbs and herbal extracts.  This combination may literally leave you feeling awake and revitalized.  Nature knows what it is doing and has provided us with nothing short of a bounty with which we can recharge.  The impressive array of ingredients in All Day Energy Greens ranges from chlorella and alfalfa leaf powder to energy superstars like watercress.  Not only is All Day Energy Greens an energy booster, but it has a major side benefit in that it also may even help flush toxins out of your kidneys.