Adult Acne: Wrinkles and Pimples at the Same Time?

by Cindy Gray

While nobody ever said life was fair, it does seem like a cruel joke and a double whammy to have to deal with acne and wrinkles at the same time. After all, aren’t pimples supposed to be a malady reserved for teenagers? Adult acne is becoming increasingly common in this country, leaving millions of older people perplexed about treatment options.  According to The Journal of Cosmetic Science, adult acne affects about 25% of men and 50% of adult women with symptoms ranging from mild to severe.

The major culprit in acne at any age appears to be hormones which trigger activity in the sebaceous (oil) glands. That explains why many people have their first acne outbreaks during puberty. Later in life acne is triggered by menstrual issues, pregnancy, menopause, pollution and stress. Modern day diets filled with hormone-laden dairy and meat products also contribute to the problem.    

The first step in finding the proper treatment for adult acne is gaining an understanding of the various ways in which it manifests itself:

Blackheads: Blackheads occur when dead skin cells and oil clog the opening of a pore. They are sometimes referred to as the “first stage” of acne. Because they form before bacteria invade the pores they are usually not painful or inflamed. They typically develop on the face but can also appear on the back, chest, neck, arms and shoulders.

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Whiteheads: A whitehead develops when oil, bacteria and dead skin cells get trapped inside the pores. Unlike a blackhead, a whitehead is formed under the surface of a closed pore. You should never “pick” at whitehead because that can cause it to become infected and inflamed.

Cystic Acne:  Cystic acne occurs when a pore in your skin gets clogged and bacteria get trapped inside the pore, causing it to swell and redden. This type of acne happens when the infection goes deep into the skin and it results in a bump that is filled with pus. If the cyst bursts, it can cause an infection to spread that will cause more breakouts.

If you suffer from adult acne consult your dermatologist or holistic health practitioner about natural remedies. Many of the over-the-counter remedies in drug stores contain strong chemicals which can irritate your skin. A healthy diet, plenty of rest, good hygiene and stress management can help your skin and your overall health so that you will glow from the inside out. 

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