Are Synthetic Fragrances Toxic?

by Cindy Gray

Many people find that products that are fragranced can give them an allergic reaction, such as itching and rashes. We'll explain what the word "fragrance" actually means on packaging, and why you should opt for essential oils instead.

What’s in Fragrance, really?

Although the word "fragrance" suggests rose petals, lavender and other naturally perfumed ingredients, the truth is shocking. The label "fragrance" can cover up to 200 different ingredients that are not required to be individually itemized on the packaging. 

Switch to essential oils for a healthier home and lifestyle

Unfortunately what's hiding behind that term is a slew of chemicals and ingredients that may be harmful or even toxic. No wonder our skin reacts with an angry red rash when subjected to these elements under the guise of perfume in soap, bath and shower products, makeup and other skincare products!

Synthetic Fragrances

Essential oils are expensive to produce, so manufacturers have turned to synthetic fragrances to use in perfumes, cleaning products, air fresheners, candles and other products where a fragrance enhances the product's appeal. However, these fragrances are produced from petroleum, coal tar, toxic solvents and other chemicals. Some of these ingredients are narcotic or may imitate hormones, and some have been found to be carcinogenic, or cancer-causing.

Unfortunately, these synthetic fragrances are not subjected to any safety checks or health regulations. When inhaled or applied to the skin on a regular basis, the harmful effects build up, producing allergies, sinus congestion, asthma, eczema and other more severe health problems. These synthetic chemicals stress the immune system, defying doctors and in extreme cases can affect a person's quality of life.


Why Choose Essential Oils?

By comparison, essential oils are extracted from plants such as roses, lemons and even frankincense, which is sourced from the Boswellia tree. Of course it takes a lot of those plants to produce even a few drops of concentrated essential oils, making them expensive to produce even a fluid ounce. These oils are produced through a distillation process and are often from rare plant species.

Are Synthetic Fragrances Toxic?

True essential oils are more than just a nicely perfumed concentrate. Unlike manufactured fragrance, essential oils are 100% natural, health-enhancing and chemical-free. They have been used for centuries to heal when inhaled, massaged onto the skin or even taken topically in tiny amounts.

If you are suffering from undiagnosed health issues, consider avoiding all artificially scented products for a couple of weeks and see how much healthier you feel. By switching to essential oils for room fragrance, adding drops to your pillow at bedtime, or mixing them with massage oil as a beauty treatment, you may discover just how much harm those synthetic fragrances have been causing. 

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