Three Running Gadgets for a Safer, More Enjoyable Workout

by Cindy Gray

With an interest in health and fitness on the rise, many people are hitting the pavement or the trail on a regular basis.  Walking and running make two of the best options available for aerobic exercise, and they don't require a fancy gym membership.  Many people get by with a good pair of shoes and comfortable clothing, but some walkers and runner like to take it one step further.  Three running gadgets can help people monitor progress, have more fun, and stay safe while logging miles

People monitor progress, have more fun, and stay safer with running gadgets.

Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers make great motivators. These nifty walking or running gadgets track distance, steps taken, calories burned, and some even monitor quality of sleep.  Most products provide users with the ability to sync information to smartphones or computers for the preparation of charts and graphs. The ability to visualize progress over time helps keep people inspired.

Mp3 Player or Wireless Headphones

An Mp3 player or a set of wireless headphones loaded with favorite music makes any physical activity more enjoyable.  A recent study published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research shows additional benefits before, during, and after running.  Scientists from Brazil examined the effects of music on 15 runners before, during, and after a timed 5K trial run.  

Results from a host of physical tests showed that pre-run music aroused runners and better prepared them for the run.  Music during the run generated faster times for the first two laps but did not affect the remaining lap times.  Post-run music resulted in a faster recovery time for runners, which is the time it takes the body to return to its pre-run state.

For optimal safety, walkers and runners should limit the use of headphones to treadmills.  To increase safety outdoors, people should keep music low enough to hear cars and other noises and always run against traffic.

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ID Tag or Wrist Band

In lieu of carting around a wallet, runners rely on a simpler means of identification.  Companies like Road ID make wrist bands, shoe tags, or necklaces for recording name, contact information, and blood type in case of emergency.

People don't have to depend on an expensive gym for regular exercise.  Walking and running make great options, and these activities are even safer and more fun with the use of a few running gadgets.  A fitness tracker, Mp3 player, and an ID tag make great additions when hitting the treadmill, track, road, or trail. 

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