Yoga and Natural Supplements for Back Pain Relief

by Cindy Gray

What if back pain relief was as near as your yoga mat? That may well be the case, according to several recently released studies. A study conducted at the University of Geneva in Switzerland found that the stretches and poses used in yoga can provide effective relief for chronic spinal pain. An article in the journal Spine cited other studies with similar conclusions.

Yoga and Natural Relief from Back PainChronic back pain is one of the most commonly reported medical problems in this country, and unfortunately it is also one of the most difficult conditions to treat. Symptoms range from moderate to severe, and in some cases the pain is so horrific that it interferes with the ability to function normally. The growing body of scientific evidence linking yoga to pain relief has prompted many medical doctors and physical therapists to recommend it as a key component of treatment plans.

Some of the pain-relieving benefits of yoga include:

Strength: Many of the postures in yoga are designed to gently strengthen muscles in the back as well as the abdomen. These core muscle groups help the body maintain good posture which results in back pain relief.  

Stretching: Yoga involves stretching and encourages relaxation, both of which reduce tension in muscles. For people with back pain, stretching is essential, especially if the pain is in the lower back. Stretching also increases blood flow which allows healing nutrients to flow in and toxins to be removed from the muscles and soft tissues.  

Stress Relief: Stress can create tightness in the neck and shoulders and eventually affects muscle groups along the spine. Yoga requires strict focus on breathing, which encourages relaxation and allows you to “live in the moment” so that you let go of pain and stress-inducing factors in your life.

Nutritional supplements are another natural way to manage chronic pain and inflammation and millions of Americans use them every day. Supplements are a safe alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) which are often prescribed to help with back pain relief. While NSAIDS may provide some pain relief, they have unpleasant and potentially dangerous side effects including gastrointestinal problems.

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One of the most effective pain-fighting natural supplements contains concentrated amounts of boswellia, white willow bark, hyaluronic acid and other natural ingredients that fight pain and inflammation.

Don’t let chronic back pain keep you from enjoying your favorite activities. Talk to your holistic practitioner about incorporating yoga and natural anti-inflammatory supplements into your pain management plan



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