Boosting The Immune System, Preventing Cancer

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Cancer looms as one of the more frightening and unstoppable killers out in the distance. We conceive of it as an internal problem, waiting to take hold, with unforeseen causes and debilitating cures. But this view of cancer is not necessarily the only one; and there are methods of prevention and cessation that bandy about, with diet as the main core. Diet, and the ways of being, challenge the preconceived notions of cancer - the causes, the remedies, and the cures.

The first line of defense of cancer -- or any ailment -- is the human immune system. And the immune system relies on the intake, that is, nutrition, to maintain its abilities.  And anything your body relies upon is enhanced, or crippled, by nutrition. This is true for healing a wound, building immune cell blood counts, and even managing stress. Attention to good nutrition makes sense whether it specifically benefits the immune system or not.

Obviously, cancer cells are foreign to the body. The immune system of a healthy person destroys roughly 10,000 mutated (cancer) cells every day. When this defense ceases, the cancer can multiply and become a clinical case of cancer. So, how to increase the immune system to the level whereby it can prevent cancer? What works?

A surefire method of boosting your immune system is not yet a scientific certainty. In order to boost your immune system naturally, it must be understood what specifically aids your system - and as of now, science has few concrete answers. But the probability of a fruit and vegetable diet, coupled with a generous intake of fluids, remains high. Fruits and vegetables give the body the best sources of antioxidants, vitamins, and essential minerals, which enhance the body’s ability to reproduce cells and battle foreign viruses, bacteria, and even mutated cells.

Cancer is a killer. But the best way to stave off such a looming threat seemingly is up to you. What foods are you eating? What substances - good or bad - do you take in? Do you drink more alcohol than carrot juice? Do you smoke more cigarettes than you ingest Vitamin C? Cancer is a killer, but your immune system is up to the task. And boosting your immune system is up to you.

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