Heart Health Tip: Sweetheart Tip that will Help Your Sweetheart's Heart

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What is good for high blood pressure? Dark Chocolate

Want to know what is good for high blood pressure? Dark chocolate! So instead of giving your sweetheart a big box of milk chocolates why not try giving him/her a box of delicious dark chocolate?

It is true, there are studies that support the use of dark chocolate as an effective antioxidant but you must keep in mind that the cacao percentage needs to be at 70% or higher to bring the best heart health benefits.

Why not try giving him/her a box of deep dark chocolate that will bring a smile to your sweetheart's face while you know that you are helping to take care of their beautiful heart.  Who knows it may also increase energy naturally and on Valentines Day we could all use a bit of that.





What Foods Help Improve Eyesight?

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Protecting your eyes begins with what you eat.What Foods Help Improve Eyesight | Institute for Vibrant Living
Studies have shown that nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc, and vitamins C and E protect the eyes and help to ward off age-related vision problems such as macular degeneration and cataracts.
Health experts recommend you regularly consume these 10 foods to maintain good eye health: 
  1. Cold water fatty fish like salmon, tuna and other oily fish - an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which make cell membranes in the eyes and brain more stable.
  2. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale and collard greens which are rich in carotenoids and especially lutein, a yellow pigment which protects the eye.
  3. Fruits and vegetables - contain the important vitamins A, C, E and beta-carotene. Yellow colored vegetables are extremely important for daylight vision.
  4. Garlic and onion - rich sources of sulfur, necessary for glutathione production - an important antioxidant for the eye’s protection.
  5. Soy - contains essential fatty acids, vitamin E and anti-inflammatory compounds.
  6. Eggs - rich in cysteine, sulfur, lecithin, amino acids and lutein. These components, plus vitamin B2, also found in eggs, help to prevent cataract formation.
  7. Bilberries and grapes - enhance night vision.
  8. Carrots, oranges and other citrus fruits and bell peppers - rich sources of vitamin C and vitamin A, two very powerful antioxidants which have been shown to specifically protect the eyes.
  9. Nuts and berries - high levels of omega-3s stabilize cellular membranes in the eyes. Berries also contain flavonoids, natural antioxidants which protect the eyes. Zinc, present in nuts, but also in eggs, sardines and shellfish, plays a key role in the release of vitamin A from the liver. Vitamin A is critical for eye health.
  10. Dairy products - also rich sources of vitamin A; vitamin A deficiency can cause blindness.
  11. Smoking and obesity/overweight are risk factors for poor eyesight and increase your chances of developing diseases such as type 2 diabetes, which is the leading cause of blindness in adults.
On the other hand, eating a well-balanced diet and regular exercise both help to maintain a healthy body weight and reduce your risk for these unwelcome health conditions.
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Health Tip: Which Are Better Liquid Vitamin Supplements Or Non-Liquid?

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When it comes to the debate of liquid vitamins versus non-liquid vitamins there are a few theories;  one being that if you take the best liquid vitamins your body does not need to digest them to take advantage of the natural health benefits, it can start using them immediately, theoretically.

When it comes to your traditional non-liquid natural vitamins the theory is that you are able to build up a reserve of vitamins in the body by taking them into your system on a regular basis.  This is true to some extent but many of us have trouble digesting the foods we take in let alone a vitamin capsule or tablet.

Whichever form you decide to use my suggestion to you is to take the natural supplements on a daily, consistent basis and please take note of the subtle changes that you may be experiencing, you may not know exactly what to attribute the subtle changes to but I will bet it is nature at work!

Whether you decide to take a natural liquid vitamin or a more traditional form of natural vitamin supplement I wish you the best on your path to natural good health!


Dietary Health Supplements - Health Tip

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All natural health supplements are in health food and main stream grocery stores everywhere, here is the trick to understanding the use of these all natural health supplements.

The best approach to use when you are researching the use of alternative health products especially organic and "all natural" is to really have a clear understanding of the difference on how natural supplements work.

Patience and subtleness are two words that come to mind when using all natural health products of any kind be them supplements or simply eating an organic diet. 

While nature is very powerful as we all know as evidenced by the brutal storms that seem to be so abundant this year.  Nature is more gentle when it comes to our bodies and the changes that may take place.  The best advice that I have ever given when it comes to natural health products is be patient and look for the subtle results. 



How to Improve Immune System - Naturally

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Health Tip:

To keep your immune system strong this spring don't forget to incorporate some of these natural supplements which may help to boost your immune system.

Echinacea and zinc are great natural supplements that have been shown to have properties that boost your immune system naturally.  Also be sure that your diet is rich in fruits and fresh vegetables high in vitamin C - most fruits carry a large amount of vitamin C naturally.

Another great energy booster and in turn immune booster is to ensure that you are receiving adequate amounts of the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D! To improve your overall health and boost your immunity take a walk in the sunshine!

You can also help boost your metabolism by eating foods that encourage support of a healthy immune system, try things like garlic, onion, fruits, and green leafy vegetables!



Keeping a Journal of Natural Supplements - Great Idea

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One suggestion that I would like to make when it comes to taking liquid vitamin mineral supplements of any type is to keep a journal. 

Natural liquid vitamins and minerals are a great way of getting the all natural health benefits you may be seeking but as you may know natural supplements do not behave the same as their synthetic counterparts.

The nature of all natural supplements is that they are gentle yet extremely effective.  Take for example if you are someone who suffers from migraine headaches and decide to try to battle these debilitating headaches naturally. By keeping a journal of the severity and frequency of the migraines while using natural alternatives to prescriptions you may notice that effects are a bit more gradual than synthetics.  These benefits may not be as apparent to you if you don't keep a journal simply not giving credit where credit is due.  You may experience one less headache a month and for most that means giving them back a day if not a week of their lives.  Just think about how much that can impact the rest of your life!

By keeping a journal of the headache pattern in this case will give you a good guide post as to how and when the natural supplements have made an impact on your life naturally!



Why Does It Take So Long For Natural Supplements To Work?

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Health Tip:
There are a lot of natural supplements on the market, so why does it take so long to gain the benefits?  Any natural supplement that you decide to take will bring results but with anything that is not synthetic you might need to use a bit of patience.

All natural energy-boosting supplements may give you a quick burst of energy but to gain the true benefits of using any all natural supplement you will need to be vigilant in your use.

As your body begins to use natural supplements, it may seem that you are not receiving any benefit, but be patient. 

The key to using all natural supplements is to be consistent with your use of the products, making sure to use them exactly as they are dosed on the label. This will ensure that your body is able to use the supplement the way that it was formulated and designed.

Keep in mind that when you use any type of natural supplement whether for energy boosting, kidney cleaning or just overall good health naturally you will need to be patient.  Remember, natural is best!


Is There Really A Natural Supplement For Weight Loss?

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Health Tip:

It is interesting to me to see how many of us are still trying to find that magic pill or potion to help us lose weight.  There are a handful of health supplements that may assist you in your efforts but the real magic lies in ourselves.

While there are many all natural health products on the market the best bet for a successful weight loss regime is still your grandmother's advice: eat less, exercise more and while you are at it, add some energy boosting outdoor activities - you will be creating a more healthy lifestyle if you exercise outdoors in the sunshine, and you will also be adding the one true all natural vitamin source of Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin!

If we all decided that the magic to weight loss lies in eating a healthy naturally based diet along with plenty of exercise perhaps we will be able to shed light on true weight loss and shed a few pounds as well, there is no magic pill or potion, it is you!


Natural Health Tip for Allergy Sufferers

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Daily health tip: It is never to early to start!

This healthy all natural tip for relieving seasonal allergies has really worked for me and it is not too early to get a jump start on the upcoming allergy season.  Even some of the best natural health supplements might not work as well as this healthy natural trick and it is easy!  Not only will you be battling allergies, but you may also be adding to your overall immune system support. 

Here you go, just go to any one of your local natural health stores and pick up some organic apple cider vinegar.  You can use non-organic if you can't find organic, but please ensure that it is apple cider vinegar and not plain distilled vinegar.  All you need to do is to take 2 tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar each morning, that is it! 

Okay it is not that easy to take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, I know - I just bite the bullet and take it like a shot, first thing in the morning and follow it will a large glass of healthy filtered water.  If you don't think that you can tolerate the apple cider vinegar straight you can always mix the 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of filtered water, or try adding it to organic apple juice to make it more palatable. 

Taking apple cider vinegar is just one of many natural remedies that may be lurking in your pantry that you did not even know about. The key to making this natural health solution successful is to get started long before the allergy season hits, kind of like the idea of priming a pump,  you need to get the apple cider vinegar into your system so start it now!