Getting Rid of Clutter in Your Life

by Institute for Vibrant Living

Some people are hoarders by nature, while others seem to have a continuous compulsion to get rid of clutter or anything they don’t immediately need. There’s a balance between Obsessive Compulsive Spartanism and excessive hoarding. Bring order and freedom to your life as you learn to discern what is worth keeping, and what is not.

If your garage looks like this, it’s time to get rid of clutter!

If you are a hoarder by nature, there are two huge benefits that may help you get rid of clutter more easily…

Get Rid of Clutter and Feel Free

Start your de-cluttering with a single cupboard or set of drawers. You need to make a decision about every item: to keep it, donate it, sell it or trash it. Put each item into its relevant pile or box and return the “keep” items tidily back into the cupboard or drawer after wiping or vacuuming the dust out of the empty space.

Notice there’s now lots more space and you can now easily find the items you have chosen to keep. Enjoy that sense of achievement as you see the bag of trash and the box of items that have been earmarked for sale or sending to a favorite charity.   

Once you get rid of clutter, you will find it is enormously rewarding and provides a strange sense of liberation as you take charge of your home and life. Once you have decluttered a small area, move on to a whole room, and finally tackle the entire house, loft, garage and garden shed.

Celebrate that sense of freedom and resolve to spend 10 minutes each week going through accumulated clutter such as old newspapers, junk mail and things you really no longer need.

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Get Rid of Clutter and Help Others

Often it is a frugal upbringing that leads to a habit of keeping everything “just in case.” Once you have earmarked some things that you no longer need but still have some use, there are various ways to dispose of them.

If you have lots of items you no longer need, consider holding a garage sale. Get together with a few neighbors to make it worthwhile, and run an ad in a free local newspaper, on Facebook or online. List furniture or large items on internet sales sites (always using common sense and caution.)

If the thought of actually selling your stuff fills you with horror, a good solution is to donate the items to a good cause. There are sure to be charities in your area, selling gently used and unwanted items for a good cause. They appreciate donations of furniture, clothing, toys, books and household items; provide work experience for the unemployed; offer affordable items for sale and raise funds for charity.

Helping others by donating your unwanted stuff is another reason to feel good as you get rid of clutter in your life. 

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