Log On and Calm Down

by IVL

It’s a mad, mad world and the stress of daily life can make you wild. For those looking to form healthy habits to combat stress and anxiety, meditation should be at the top of your to-do list.  Meditating can slow a racing mind and help soothe and calm jangled nerves.

Meditation is one of our top healthy living tips.

We Are Living In a Digital World

In our busy lives learning to meditate might seem like one more thing on an already over-burdened to do list.  Luckily for us living in the modern world, there’s an app for that!  You can tap an app to find your happy place and slow down your crazy train for better decision-making, sleep and overall quality of life.  Here are a few apps to try to encourage meditation, one of the healthies habits you’ll find.

Headspace.com – Heavy on the science behind meditation but structured in an appealing way, this app has a lot to offer. It has a page that cites studies about meditation, an informative blog and guidance on how meditation can help with your mind, body, your relationships, and enhance your quality of life.

Meditation Studio – with over 200 solution-based guided meditations, this app offers the wisdom of dozens of teachers. You can find courses on meditation basics for beginners; and even on how to meditate to find more happiness, change a habit, or even be more kind.

Sattva – is a beautiful app with what it dubs “the world’s first advanced meditation timer and tracker.” For those who like to measure results, this is the app for you.  You can track your heart rate before and after meditating, time each session and record your mood. You will also have access to free guided meditations and sounds; and it offers challenges and trophies for meeting them.

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Buddhify – busy professionals in high stress work environments might find this app the most appealing. It is a very minimalist app with guided meditations that center on what the designer calls urban meditation, which involves using the sights and sounds around your city to prompt mindfulness, a sense of calm and compassion. There are also three tracks related to meditating through pain and illness.

Meditation- Not Just For Hippies

The notion that meditation is only for new-agers and hippies has largely been dispelled. Actual scientific research shows the power of meditation and how it can have a meaningful and measurable impact on anyone’s life.

Taking up meditation is now recommended as a healthy living tip by more and more practitioners, many of whom are convinced by evidence that meditation is a powerful healer.

According to a study written about on WebMD, a study conducted at the University of Wisconsin, participants, after eight weeks in a meditation study, had increased electrical activity in regions of the left frontal lobe of the brain.  This is an area of the brain generally found to be more active in optimistic people who are generally happy most of the time.  An Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta study reported that those who meditated regularly for six weeks decreased their immune activity and reported less emotional distress even when purposely exposed to a stressful event or situation.

Healthy Living Tips: Find Your Preference

No two people meditate alike. For some it is repeating a mantra until their mind stills. For others to obtain that coveted oblivion it means staring at a candle flame while counting breaths in and out.  Explore the apps mentioned here to get you started on your new healthy habits.


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