Reasons Why Women Go Commando

by IVL

Going commando…men have been doing it for ages, and women are finally catching on.  Although the phrase "going commando" sounds like some type of military role play, it is actually a modern form of expression that means "going without underwear."  There are a number of reasons why women go commando and comfort tops the list.

why women go commando include a sense of freedom and empowerment.


There's nothing more uncomfortable than underwear that rides up or cuts into the skin.  Women who don't wear underwear can avoid this discomfort altogether.  In addition, going sans knickers helps prevent unsightly panty lines and clothing fits better. 

Some women worry whether going without underwear can affect vaginal health, but according to Dr. Gillian Dean, the Associate Medical Director of Planned Parenthood in New York City, research shows no connection between going commando and vaginal infections.  In fact, some gynecologists recommend that women concerned about vaginal infections not wear underwear at all, especially at night.  

According to a recent Brazilian study, 18 percent of women follow this advice and reap the benefits.  Going commando at night helps prevent a warm, moist environment that encourages growth of bacteria and yeast.  In addition, wearing no underwear at night can stop the development of symptoms that accompany vaginal infections like bothersome itching.

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While going commando during the day and night offers distinct benefits to women, there are certain situations where it may be detrimental.  Rigorous physical exercise usually demands some type of moisture-wicking underwear to keep parts dry and healthy.  Fortunately, many running shorts, tights, and workout pants have built-in underwear or liners, products that don't demand an extra layer of protection.  Wearing short skirts or dresses without panties can also be dangerous as private parts are exposed to germy public seating, and may not be the most couth thing to do.

Not wearing undergarments is based purely on personal reasons.  Not wearing it can offer greater comfort and promote good health in the correct circumstances.  Happily, with a little common sense, women can enjoy the health benefits and freedom that going without panties brings, and nobody has to know.


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