Research Shows the 20s are Prime Weight- Gaining Years

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Your twenties may be the best years of life with student years behind you and so much to look forward to. However, data from the CDC and the US Department of Health and Statistics shows that men and women put on the most weight during the weight-age spectrum of their 20s and early 30s. Read on to learn more about the causes of being overweight, and how to maintain or lose weight while still having fun.

There’s an interesting link between your age and becoming overweight.


Overweight Causes in your 20s

There are several reasons why we put on weight as young adults and it all comes down to lifestyle. Women put on an average of 2.2 pounds each year between the ages of 18 and 30, according to Dr. Penny Gordon-Larsen at the University of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The first reason is that most people in that weight-age spectrum are adapting to a more sedentary job, working at a desk and driving everywhere.

The novelty of earning a salary boosts the social life of 20-somethings as they can now afford to dine out more often in restaurants or hang out with friends in bars and nightclubs. Doctor and psychologist Joshua D. Brown, Director of Clinical Services at the Medical University of South Carolina, notes that this social lifestyle boosts calorie intake on a regular basis, causing the inevitable weight gain.

Settling down with a partner or getting married is also likely to happen during your 20s, and this inevitably leads to a less stressful and more contented period of your life. Dr. Gordon Larsen also notes that the average woman gets married around the age of 26. If she then starts a family, the all-too-familiar weight gain due to motherhood is another reason why women become overweight.

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Countering Weight Gain in your 20s

Once you nail the likely causes of being overweight in your 20s, you are in a better position to prevent or counter the effect. For example, if your excuse is not having time to go for a run or visit the gym due to your new career, try scheduling your gym time on your calendar, your phone or an online calendar. Once it’s written in as a commitment, it is easier to fit in that all-important fitness regimen.

If drinking alcohol and socializing means you find it hard to lose weight, try alternating every alcoholic drink with a glass of water to effectively half your liquid calorie intake during the evening.

If settling down with a partner is the trigger to piling on a few pounds, why not go for regular walks, bicycle rides and work-outs together. Discuss the problem of becoming overweight and encourage each other to embrace a healthier eating pattern with more salads, fresh fruit and organic veggies and less TV snacks and sweet treats.

These tips will help you maintain or lose weight during that dangerous weight-age spectrum of your 20s, allowing you to stay fit, trim and healthy into later life.


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