Seeing Red for Anti-Aging

by Institute for Vibrant Living

This getting older business has me seeing red.  No, not because I am angry about it, but because there are a host of red foods that should be in everybody’s anti-aging diet plan.

With the passage of time, our bodies undergo many changes—sometimes it can seem for the worst.  As youth fades, we begin to develop wrinkles, possibly suffer insomnia, our eyesight may decline, our muscles can weaken, and we are at an increased risk for many diseases.  In order to maintain good health, a diet rich in red can help keep these physical problems at bay. The best part is that these foods are sweet, healthy and readily available in grocery stores, restaurants, and farmer’s markets everywhere. 

Stave off the signs of aging with sweet, delicious fruits that are red in color and powerfully good for you!


Often a salad staple, you might be surprised to learn tomatoes are actually a fruit. Lycopene is a powerful compound that has shown time and time again in research studies to be a powerful cancer fighter.  In addition to lycopene, tomatoes provide the body with powerful antioxidants like vitamins C and A.  The choline in tomatoes helps cells stay strong by supporting membrane structure and it aids in the transmission of nerve cell impulses.  This means less cognitive decline and loss of sensation in the fingers and toes.  The alpha-lipoic acid in tomatoes helps the body convert glucose to energy, keeping diabetes at bay and giving the body a boost of energy.


Sweet and delicious, raspberries may seem delicate, but in reality they are a superhero food.  Loaded with vitamin C, and E, they have been shown to inhibit tumor growth and protect your peepers from UV ray damage, a common cause of vision loss as we age.

Raspberries are also full of polyphenols, compounds that keep your memory sharp and reduce inflammation that can damage the brain, joints and organs over time.


What’s not to love about strawberries? With more vitamin C than an orange, a few of these every day on a regular basis and you will be loading up your bloodstream with a powerful “bioavailable food” that has a host of health benefits.

Bioavailable foods like strawberries are readily absorbed by the body and can be used to stave off disease, boost immunity and reduce inflammation days after you eat them.  With age comes more illness, joint pain, sun damage to the skin and wrinkles. Strawberries contain compounds to inhibit cell tumor growth, lower cholesterol, and reverse UV damage while boosting collagen production to keep skin smooth and firm.

They also taste delicious and can enhance any dish from a salad to smoothie or dish of ice cream.  The more you love strawberries, the more they will love you back.

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They come in many colors, but choose the dark red type in your anti-aging diet. Why?

Dark red cherries have melatonin in them that can help with insomnia, a common problem as we age. They are also full of anti-inflammatories that help reduce joint pain from arthritis, and relieve painful gout symptoms.

Endurance athletes have long been drinking tart cherry juice to ease muscle soreness after training. When daily life has your back aching, throw back a glass to ease the pain.

Cherries have been shown to help reduce belly fat, something that becomes stubborn and hard to get rid of the older you get, and they are known to significantly reduce your risk of developing colon cancer.

Tart cherries have the most health benefits, but even the sweetest varieties are a foe to the ravages of Father Time.


Cranberries should not be reserved for consumption only at Thanksgiving. These berries are nutritional all-stars with health benefits that you could be benefiting from when you eat them year-round.

It’s long been known that cranberries relieve the symptoms of urinary tract infections. Now the medical community knows why. They are rich in proanthocyanidins (PACs) that protect the lining of the bladder and gastrointestinal tract (GI). 

Compounds in cranberries have been shown to kill the stomach bacteria linked to stomach ulcers and they trigger apoptosis, tumor cell death. This makes them a powerful weapon to have in your cancer prevention arsenal.

Seeing Red

When it comes to a balanced and effective anti-aging diet, seeing red is a good thing. Tomatoes, raspberries, strawberries, cherries and cranberries provide so many antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals that not eating them is sheer madness!


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