Tips for Breaking Your Facebook Addiction

by Institute for Vibrant Living

Facebook is a valuable worldwide tool for establishing and maintaining social connections.  Users communicate with "friends" and share information in a fun and creative way, but once people log into Facebook, it can be difficult to get back out.  Roughly 39 percent of people on Facebook admit to excessive use, which can eat into everyday activities and promote a sedentary lifestyle.  Take advantage of these healthy living tips to help break your Facebook addiction.  


A few healthy habits can help internet users limit their time on Facebook.

Login with a purpose.  Boredom is not the best reason for using Facebook.  Set higher standards for logging in like promoting a cause, checking out a particular page or messaging a friend.  Healthier cures for boredom include reading a good book or taking a bike ride.

Implement no-Facebook zones.  Making certain areas Facebook-free (or Facebook-less!) helps limit daily use.  Turn off technology during meals, when using public transportation, in the bathroom and before going to sleep at night. 

Set an alarm.  Allow yourself a designated period of time for Facebook enjoyment, and stick to it.  Set the alarm on your cell phone to signal when to sign off. 

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Turn off email notifications.  Of all the healthy habits for limiting Facebook use, this one works the best.  Email notifications taunt users to log into Facebook, and turning them off helps save valuable time. 

Take the weekend off from all social media.  Taking a two-day break from social media shows people how little they really need it. 

Try off-line communication.  Are you missing an old friend?  Is it your sister's birthday?  To communicate with loved ones, try a novel approach with actual communication, like sending a card via snail-mail or making a telephone call.

Think before you post.  Take time to self-evaluate before posting a photo or a status update on Facebook.  Will your post provide value to other users, or will it turn them off?  Friends may become bored after the fourteenth picture of your cat, and they may look at post after post of your accomplishments and pics of your beautiful home as boastful.

Facebook allows users to share information and network with people around the world.  Although social media makes a valuable tool for communication, excessive Facebook use can interfere with daily activities and encourage a sedentary lifestyle.  By showing users how to limit Facebook time, the healthy habits above allow more time for other enjoyable activities

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