10 Best Brain Games to Improve Your Memory

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You just can’t build your brain as you get older, right? The more scientists study the brain the more impressed they become. The brain is capable of growth and development throughout life. One of the best ways to improve overall brain health and improve memory is to challenge yourself through brain games. In this article we will examine 10 of the best ways to enhance your memory.

Chess is one of the top brain games.

#1:  Chess

Chess has endured for centuries and for good reason. Not only is chess one of the more complicated of brain games, but it also forces players to think ahead and remember a variety of possible moves; this also helps to make chess one of the top memory improvement games.

#2:  Action Based Video Games

Video games such as “shooters” and other action based video games might not seem like most people’s first pick for improving memory, but these kinds of games require players to remember where enemies are and respond quickly. The end result is a serious memory and reaction time workout.

#3:  Puzzle Based Video Games

Puzzle based video games such as the famous Tetris will definitely increase your reaction time and help boost your memory. For example, having to remember and instantly recall the shape of previous placed pieces is sure to help you give your memory a workout. There are literally endless puzzle based video games and the trick is to find the ones that are demanding and enjoyable.

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Scrabble certainly has a lot of fans and as it turns out Scrabble is uniquely good at helping players exercise their memories and their vocabulary. Scrabble is fun and helps build one’s memory by exercising word recall.

#5:  Go

The ancient strategy game of Go really gives one’s mind a real work out. It is a strategy game that is very different than chess and requires players to work to acquire as much of the board as possible.

#6:  Sudoku

If you’ve never tried Sudoku, then you are in for a real treat. Sudoku gives your brain a workout but does so in a way that most people find quite new. Filling in the Sudoku boxes might seem simple at first but there is no doubt that Sudoku represents a true brain challenge.

#7:  Card Games

Remember the card matching games of childhood? Think that they are just for childhood? Think again, if you are looking for ways to proven memory improvement games then you’ll have a tough time topping what memory matching card games can offer.

#8:  Board Games

Board games are another way to boost your memory. In fact some of history’s most popular board games such as Battleship require players to remember the location of player’s fleets. Like chess, Battleship is another way to develop your logical and strategic side.

#9: Games Specifically Designed for Brain Building

There are several companies who have created games specifically designed to build one’s brain. One of the most popular is Lumosity, but there are others. There is some controversy as to how well these games work but many feel that these kinds of games can enhance memory.

#10:  The Games You’ll Play

The most important brain game is, of course, the ones you’ll play. If you are not enjoying a brain game, then simply keep trying new ones until you find the right fit!

These 10 brain game options offer something different for everyone. No matter what kind of games you like, this list should have something for you.

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