20 Simple Self-Care Practices for a Healthy Mind, Body and Soul

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If you lead a busy and stressful life, maintaining a holistic approach to a healthy body can be overlooked. We offer 20 easy self-care tips that you can do quickly and frequently to ensure your body, mind and spirit remain in first class health.

Holistic self-care includes the body, mind and soul

1. Go cloud watching

There’s nothing more relaxing than lying on the grass watching the sky. It’s the perfect way to relax and empty your mind.

2. Play

Dedicate 5 minutes every now and then to play. Blow bubbles, work at a hoola hoop, leave a song on someone’s email. Anything that makes you smile is a top self-care activity.

3. Do something creative

Play with clay or cookie dough. Roll out worms, make an animal or cut out stars with a cookie cutter.

4. Be impetuous

If it’s 11pm and you feel like a pizza, or 5 a.m. and have the crazy urge to walk on the beach, just do it. It feels good, and life will still be there when you get back.

5. Learn a new trick

Try something new or learn a new skill. Now’s the time to learn to dive, do a cartwheel, learn a few words of a different language or master juggling balls.

6. Yard work

Physical exercise is always good for your self-care. Rake leaves, mow the lawn or plant a tub with herbs or seasonal flowers.

7. Make music

Express yourself as part of your new self-help therapy by playing along to music with a makeshift bongo drum or kazoo. It doesn’t need to be melodic – no-one else is listening!

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8. Declutter

Clear out a drawer, a desk or a whole room. You’ll feel so much lighter as you carry old paperwork and junk to the trash.

9. Superfoods

Research superfoods such as Goji berries—high in antioxidants—and add some to your diet.

10. Word games

Play scrabble with a friend or online. It’s a great mind exercise as you search for new words, providing mental self-care.

11. Start a jigsaw

Have a jigsaw laid out somewhere in your home and add a few pieces every time you walk by.

12. Learn lyrics

Download and learn the lyrics to one of your favorite or most meaningful songs. Then sing it!

13. Meditate

Learning breathing techniques and meditation can be an excellent example of self-care. Yoga classes or meditation CDs can de-stress the mind, relax the body and feed the soul.

14. Fix something

If something needs attention, fixing it is one thing less on your to-do list and provides a sense of achievement, however small the task. Take a screwdriver to that loose handle or doorknob, stick down that curling wallpaper or glue that broken china.

15. Pampering

Take time to soak in a bubbly bath. Dim the lights, close your eyes and feel that healing wrap-around warmth.

16. Star gazing

After dark, take time to look at the night sky. Star gazing is a good way to put problems into perspective.

17. Switch hands

Try using your less dominant hand for simple tasks to stimulate the brain.

18. Eat healthily

You are what you eat. Enjoying a healthy diet with fresh fruit, vegetables and grains should be a vital part of your new self-care routine.

19. Appreciate

Say thank you to someone. A Million Thanks is a campaign to thank serving military personnel for their service.

20. Change direction

Take a new route to work, the grocery store or Post Office. It’s a common self-care practice to exercise the brain.

There are so many ways to provide self-care for your mind, body and inner soul. Practice them all and benefit from every new experience for a healthier happier you!

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