6 Tips for Healthy Home

by Health News
Indoor air pollution can cause or worsen lung disease. Here are 6 Tips to Protect You and Your Family From Sick House Syndrome
  1. KEEP YOUR HOME SMOKEFREE- Tobacco smoke increases the risk of lung cancer, respiratory infections, and other lung diseases.
  2. CHECK FOR RADON- Radon is an odorless, invisible gas that can cause lung cancer. Check for the presence of radon with a home test kit or call a professional. If radon is present, you may need to install a special vent.
  3. VENT COMBUSTIBLE GASES - Make sure your chimneys and furnace are properly vented. Use an exhaust fan over a gas stove. Don’t use portable kerosene heaters inside.
  4. AVOID CERTAIN SCENTED CANDLES - Some manufacturers still use lead cores in their wicks. The lead particles can become airborne and inhaled. Always read the lable before buying.
  5. LET YOUR HOME BREATHE - Don’t keep your home sealed too tightly. Paint, carpeting, cleaning agents, and plastics can emit dangerous gases such as Formaldehyde.
  6. GROW HOUSEPLANTS - NASA tests show that some houseplants actually remove dangerous gases.

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