Beat the Cheat with Three Simple Steps

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So, it's the morning after and you're full of regrets. You cringe at the memory of eating that extra slice of pizza, emptying the wine bottle and/or hitting the chocolate stash. All is not lost, if you're feeling depressed at the thought of undoing a week of sacrifice as part of your weight loss plan. Here are three positive thoughts to get you back on track.

Eating more fruit and vegetables can help your weight loss plan succeed

Be Forgiving

The real tragedy of slipping off the straight and narrow diet-wise is not an evening of indulgence—it is abandoning your diet completely as a result. Forgive yourself; recognize that dieting is hard, and give yourself a second chance. Firm resolve will quickly get you back on track and committed to your weight loss plan once again. One trick is to drink lots of water the following day to flush out the sugar, salt and fat from the digestive tract.

Be Realistic About Your Weight Loss Plan

When you think back to your moment of overindulgence, it is unlikely that you actually consumed the 3,500 calories required to make up one pound of fat. Although the scales may show you have piled on two or three pounds that is a reflection of the amount of body fluid and food still sitting in your digestive tract.

This statistic also shows why it is so hard to lose one pound of stored body fat. You need to burn an extra 3,500 calories, over and above what you consume, in order to reduce your body fat by a single pound. Every pound you lose is a significant achievement, so give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back each time you reach a weight loss milestone.

Focus on eating protein, quinoa, vegetables and high-fiber fruits after your moment of weakness. Protein and fiber help you feel full for longer so you can resist further temptation. High fiber also keeps food moving through the gut, avoiding constipation and bloating.

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Be Positive

Depending on your metabolic rate and level of activity, that pizza or ice cream may not become body fat for days, so there is still time to do something about it. The body initially sources its energy from the food that is being digested before turning to the more difficult task of converting stored fat cells into energy. By heading to the gym, going for a run or doing 30 minutes of aerobic exercise you can actually burn off some of those excess calories before they derail your weight loss plan completely.

Almost every dieter falls off the wagon at some stage, but the important thing is to get right back on again. Hopefully these three positive tips will help you beat the cheat and return to your weight loss plan with renewed determination.

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