Choose My Plate − Say Goodbye to The Food Pyramid

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Choose My PlateDid you hear about the newest natural health and nutrition update from the USDA?

They are making an effort to simplify the message about healthy eating. A couple of days ago the federal government unveiled a new icon to replace the food pyramid. It's a plate divided into 4 easy recognizable sections, with fruits and vegetables on one half and protein and grains on the other. A circle for dairy that indicates a glass of milk or a container of yogurt.

It is easier to read than the old food pyramid allowing you to visualize what the composition of meals should look like. The simplicity of the icon is the new focus. This fun, colorful icon helps to target the younger generation. It is exactly what is needed.

Another big change is the emphasis on the servings of grain. In the past grains have had a prominent feature in the food pyramid, however on the new plate it is less dominate. It is consistent with the USDA's dietary guidelines released in January, which recommended consuming whole grains instead of refined grains.

To learn more about the new plate icon visit www.choosemyplate.gov

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