Is Another Condition Making Your Chronic Joint Pain Worse?

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Chronic Joint PainLiving with chronic pain of any kind can be devastating.  Chronic pain influences every aspect of one’s life.  It can leave you feeling exhausted and emotionally drained.  Chronic joint pain has the additional complication of making normal moving-related tasks all the more difficult.  Not only does one have to deal with pain, but one also has to deal with reduced mobility and increased discomfort when performing different tasks. 

Contributing Conditions
There are many conditions that can contribute to chronic joint pain.  Medical conditions, such as gout and fibromyalgia, are complex conditions that are difficult to diagnosis and can be even harder to treat.  These issues bring with them a good deal of chronic joint pain and inflammation, and those suffering from these conditions often have a variety of other debilitating conditions as well. 

There are other factors that can contribute to chronic joint pain too.  One major contributor to chronic joint pain is obesity.  The reason for this fact is that extra weight means that extra stress is placed on joints and ligaments.  The end result can be considerable wear and tear, resulting in an increase in inflammation.

Injuries such as knee injuries and rotor cuff tears can greatly contribute to chronic joint pain.  Surgery is often required to deal with the pain associated with these injuries especially if they are severe.
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