Considering Acne Treatments at Home? Maybe it’s Time to See the Light

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If you suffer from frequent acne outbreaks, maybe it’s time you saw the light. Studies have shown that exposure to certain types of light can help clear up acne-prone skin. In fact, many skin care specialists recommend light therapy as one of the best acne treatments at home.  For years moderate exposure to sunlight has been recommended as a way to treat acne. The problem is that too much sunlight can damage the skin and pave the way for wrinkles or skin cancer.

Light Therapy for Effective Acne Treatment at Home

In recent years, two synthetic types of light have become popular as acne treatments at home:

Blue light kills acne bacteria. Blue light penetrates pores and kills acne bacteria. The type of blue light used for treatments is visible and does not have UV rays. Millions of people who have had blue light treatments report improved skin in as little as one day and believe it is one of the best treatments to get rid of acne. Killing the bacteria stops inflammation and then the immune system stops producing the inflammatory chemicals that cause redness and swelling.

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Red light activates hemoglobin: Red light reaches deeper into the skin than blue light and cuts off the blood supply of oil-producing sebaceous glands. This helps reduce the amounts of oil that can be produced so that acne is less likely to occur.

For optimum results, most skin care specialists recommend a combination of red and blue light. Acne light therapy is a pain-free, chemical-free and cost-effective way to clear up the skin.

You can receive light therapy treatments in a professional setting and there are also hand-held devices on the market that you can use at home. Acne light systems don’t generate the wavelengths of light that cause cancer and won’t burn the skin if used as directed. Remember that “more” is not better. Always follow directions carefully and never exceed the recommended dosages.   

Acne light treatments, when used in conjunction with natural skin care products, can make a difference for many people. Never use products that contain chemicals that can irritate your skin or expose you to carcinogens. Talk to your holistic health practitioner about the best acne treatment products for your personal needs.  Millions of people have “seen the light” and are enjoying clearer, smoother complexions

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