Cosmetic Conundrum

by Health News

The Dangersous of CosmeticsThe world of cosmetic can be pretty treacherous to navigate when it comes to health. Case in point? Lipstick.

In a study published in 2012, FDA researchers examined 400 lipsticks sold in the U.S. market and tested them for lead levels. And the results are nothing short of terrifying.

While the average lead concentration was 1.11 mg of lead per kilogram (mg Pb/kg), 13 of the 400 had levels that exceeded 3.06 mg Pb/kg, with one coming in at an astounding 7.1 mg Pb/kg!

Several government agencies have enacted restrictions on the amount of lead they consider to be “acceptable.” According to the Environmental Protection Agency, public water supplies should contain less than 15 ppm (or mg Pb/kg) of lead. For food, the FDA sets a limit of less than 5 ppm for bottled drinking water and 0.1 ppm for candy.

Pretty shocking when you consider that most of these lipstick contained well over the allowed amount in candy…and for something you often apply several times a day!

The answer? Whatever you put on your skin deserves the same scrutiny as what you put in your mouth. Check the safecosmetics.org website for a list of cosmetic companies that offer lead-free lipstick.

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