Cut the Sugar

by Health News

The Dangers of SugarSugar is the worst when it comes to your stress levels.

Foods like sugar (and caffeine and alcohol) stimulate the release of cortisol, the “stress hormone,” which is secreted at significantly higher levels during your body’s fight or flight stress response.

When the stressful situation dissipates, cortisol levels are supposed to return to normal. But with chronic stress, cortisol levels consistently stay high. This relentless stream of cortisol running through the body leads to increased appetite and cravings, especially for sweets and other easily digested foods, which provide quick energy.

The result? Weight gain and its health-destroying side effects like heart disease and diabetes. Not exactly the type of gift you are looking for this season.

Avoid this sugar trap by sticking with fruits as a dessert or opting for more natural sweeteners like stevia and xylitol. That way you can satisfy your sweet tooth without adding unnecessarily to your stress.

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