Fish Oil The Truth About Krill Oil

by Health News

Krill Oil scandalous, NOT sustainable!

Big vitamin companies want you to switch to krill oil. Don’t! The New York Times recently reported that there’s a “gold rush” going on—right now!

Huge, polluting, industrial “factory” fishing ships are racing to the far reaches of our oceans to vacuum up the world’s dwindling supply of krill. They’re grinding it down into cattle feed and squeezing out the oil to make “knock off” fish oil supplements.

To make matters worse, endangered species such as whales, penguins, seals, and seabirds depend on the bug-eyed krill as a food source. Talk about exploitation of the environment! In some parts of the ocean, krill population is already down 80% or more. We say, let creatures like penguins and seals live. Leave them alone. Let us have our essential fatty acids, but let’s get them in the form of sustainable fish oil, not krill or squid oil!

“ Krill may look unappetizing to us, but penguins, whales, seals, and seabirds depend on krill as a main food source. If you care about these endangered species, you should choose fish oil, not krill oil.”

“ Penguins, which rely heavily on krill, declined more than 50 percent where krill fishing vessels concentrate.” –The New York Times


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