Five Relationship Questions Every Couple Should Ask Each Other

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If you have met that someone special and are dreaming of a future together, there comes a time when you need to ask (and answer) some searching relationship questions. Too often, a lack of communication can lead to one person assuming the other has the same aspirations and plans. Rather than letting your heart rule your head, make time to talk together. Communicating your feelings can be the foundation of a strong future together, or the opportunity to take off those rose-tinted spectacles and face reality. 

Relationship questions are an important part of couples’ communication

Here are some searching relationship questions that might help you make important decisions about your relationship.

1.     Do you like me just the way I am?

Love can lead people into less than perfect relationships, ignoring differences in social behavior, ethics, background, religious beliefs or integrity. Committing to a relationship with the thought that you can change someone is never going to work. It’s time to find out whether your new love can accept you just the way you are, and conversely, whether you can accept them with their faults and failings.

2.     What is my best quality?

Finding out how your partner sees you is one of the most important relationship questions. If you are seen as a “good laugh” or someone who makes no demands, is that what you want to be long-term?

3.     What is my most aggravating quality?

Q2 leads on to another important relationship question which reveals whether you can be truthful with each other without being offended or hurtful. Often we have no idea that something we do or say can be aggravating. If you cannot change or tone down the problem, you have to ask: Can you live with it long-term?

4.     Do you object to me pursuing my passions, having time alone or spending time with family and friends?

New relationships can be all-consuming, but you need to know whether your newfound love is possessive and jealous, and how they will deal with other relationships in your life.

5.     How do you see our relationship progressing?

Here’s the big one. While you may see a joint home and the patter of tiny feet, your partner may feel unready to settle down. It’s best to know early on in the relationship, rather than wasting five years with someone who has a different agenda.

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Relationship Questions to Ask Yourself

Here are five relationship questions you may want to ask yourself:

  • Am I a better person with my partner than them?
  • Do I like how they treat others?
  • Do they bring out the best in me?
  • What does my partner add to my life?
  • Do we share similar goals?

Finding time to talk together without distractions is an important part of any relationship and can avoid hurtful misunderstandings down the road. Make sure you find time to ask those important relationship questions, of yourself and of your partner, before making any long-term decisions.


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