Green Supplements to Help Boost Your Afternoon Slump

by Health News

Fatigue Treatment: Green Supplements Help Boost EnergyAre you tired of being tired? Check out these tips for successful fatigue treatment.

Take a quick break from work every day and walk briskly around the block. This raises the cardiovascular system which in turn increases energy. Make sure you drink plenty of water during or after this exercise as dehydration in itself can cause exhaustion.

Add a few drops of natural energy-boosting monatomic minerals which quickly gets to work to re-mineralize, re-alkalize, re-vitalize and re- energize your body and bring it back into balance.

Adding a green drink supplement, not only provides your body with the recommended five servings of vegetables and fruit. The end result is a day-long supply of natural energy as green drink supplements counter the body’s acids, flush out toxins and improve digestion. 

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