How to Control your Fall Allergies

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Think that runny nose and itchy, watery eyes are just an autumn cold? Think again. Think allergies. While most people associate Detail Steps To Keep Fall Allergies Under Control | Institute for Vibrant Livingallergies with springtime, the fall can bring its own bag of sneezing, congested fun.

One of the biggest offenders for fall allergies in the fall is mold, thanks to all the beautiful, earth-tone leaves on the ground or in your gutters, absorbing moisture and breeding mold colonies. The best way to control allergies is also the most obvious—avoid the thing that causes the reaction.

Best case scenario is to avoid mowing your lawn or raking leaves. If this is not possible, then wear a face mask when doing so and shower immediately after to avoid build up and prolonged exposure to pollen and mold.

When you treat allergies, you are actually treating histamines, chemicals that your body releases when it detects the presence of an allergen. One way to do this is to drink at least three quarts of water each day. According to Dr. Julian Whitaker, “Your body releases histamine to stop water loss. If you give your body adequate amounts of water, less histamine will be released.”

You can also fend off allergies with yogurt. Researchers have found that people who ate yogurt that contained L. acidophilus and other bacterial cultures at least once a day suffered from hay fever less often than people who didn’t eat yogurt. Can’t stomach the thought of eating yogurt every day? Try a probiotic that contains at least 100–500 million viable organisms, including both acidophilus and bifidus.

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