Liquid Health Vitamins: A Better Alternative to Pills?

by Health News

Liquid Health Vitamins:There are not nearly as many liquid nutritional supplement products on the market as there are those in the pill form, but their popularity is growing. What are some of the reasons for this?

They’re easier for people to swallow. While liquid vitamins might not taste as good, they are easier to swallow than pills or chewables. In fact, young children are particularly vulnerable to choking on chewable vitamins.  Older adults and those who have certain disorders that effect swallowing are also vulnerable to choking. To achieve the best of both worlds, liquid vitamin drops can be mixed in with a favorite juice drink.

They’re more readily assimilated into the bloodstream . It can take hours for vitamin pills to get into your bloodstream, but liquid vitamins are delivered in a fraction of this time. Depending on whether you drop it under your tongue or mix it into juice, liquid vitamins can start entering your bloodstream the moment you put the first drop in your mouth. When it reaches your stomach, there’s nothing to break down like there is with pills and capsules.

They’re easy on your stomach. Because there’s nothing solid to break down, they’re much easier to digest than pill supplements.

They’re convenient. You don’t need liquid to swallow them. If you keep the bottle in your purse or backpack, you can just take it whenever you remember, wherever you are!

They allow for dosing flexibility. Your dosage needs can change based on your age and health status. You can easily take more or less of a liquid without having to switch brands or break pills.

Talk to your health care practitioner and find out if liquid supplements might be a better option for you!

What do you think liquid vitamin supplements or pill form? Which do you take more often?

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