9 Ways to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

by Health News
  1. Drink water - Three quarts of water daily help cleanse your kidneys and keep them free of acid waste accumulation.9 Ways to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy
  2. Eliminate soft drinks - Many soft drinks contain both caffeine and sugar. The excess sugar both dehydrates the body and over-stimulates the release of insulin which can induce heart problems.
  3. Eliminate caffeine and alcohol - Caffeine and alcohol are strong diuretics. For every cup of coffee or glass of beer you drink, your body loses 3 glasses of water.
  4. Drink lemon juice! The juice of one lemon in warm water each morning will help cleanse the liver and kidneys.
  5. Sweat more - It eliminates toxins through your skin and thus alleviates the load placed on your lungs, colon, and kidneys.
  6. Reduce red meat intake - Consuming excessive amounts of animal protein – especially red meat – produces excessive amounts of uric acid. If your kidneys don’t remove all the uric acid, it causes kidney stones and gout.
  7. Increase your greens to alkalize your body and help cleanse accumulated acid waste from eating meat, cheese and processed foods.
  8. Exercise - Just 20 minutes of aerobic exercise activates the lymph system which helps cleanse the body of toxins and reduces kidney stress.
  9. Reduce use of painkillers - Over-the-counter painkillers cause your liver and kidneys to become overtaxed by a constant detoxification process.


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