Natural Vitamin Supplement: Resveratrol

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Did you know that the vitamin supplement Resveratrol has anti-inflammatory properties?

Resveratrol has certainly made a name for itself in recent years. This powerful compound can be found in fruit, red wine and the skin of grapes. Yet to be in any useful form, it is necessary to use concentrated forms of resveratrol. The reason for this is that food forms of resveratrol simply have too little of the compound to be highly useful.

So why has resveratrol received so much attention in recent years? Part of the reason that resveratrol has become a media darling is that the substance is believed to slow the effects of aging. In fact, researchers believe that resveratrol is able to mimic many of the effects of calorie restriction and its role in longevity. 

Researchers have long known that there seems to be a relationship between calorie restriction and lifespan. However, for most people, what is involved in calorie restriction is too difficult to be practical. In order for humans to successfully reap the benefits of calorie restriction, it is necessary to cut one's caloric intake to a fraction of what is normally consumed while maintaining a high level of nutrition. The difficulty and complexity of such a diet explains much of the general excitement surrounding resveratrol.

The Different Faces of Resveratrol

Studies indicate that resveratrol also has heart healthy benefits and anticancer properties. This substance is also a powerful anti-inflammatory. While resveratrol may have received the bulk of its attention due to the fact that it is a potential life-extension compound, its ability to work as an anti-inflammatory should certainly not be overlooked. 

Resveratrol is a Strong Anti-Inflammatory

Studies indicate that resveratrol is a strong anti-inflammatory, and this factor has a wide range of implications. As a powerful anti-inflammatory, resveratrol may work to stop inflammation throughout the entire body. This could prove to be highly useful for people suffering from everything from normal aches and pains of life to more serious conditions and diseases as well. Conditions that are inflammatory in nature, such as gout and arthritis, may be treated with resveratrol in the future. Some studies have shown that resveratrol is also useful in protecting against cartilage damage in arthritis. 

There can be little doubt that resveratrol stands as one of the most promising anti-inflammatory supplements available. The attention that resveratrol has received for its life-extension properties has been quite impressive, but its ability to potentially fight a range of diseases, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, should not be overlooked.

While you may never be able to eat enough grapes to get enough resveratrol in your diet, the good news is that there are supplements available that make getting an ample dose of resveratrol as simple as taking a few pills a day.

The simple fact is that resveratrol stands out as a potentially remarkable substance which is being studied as a way of combating everything, ranging from Alzheimer's disease to aging itself and, of course, inflammation. Those looking for a supplement that has the potential to greatly impact their health will want to seriously consider this remarkable discovery.

What benefits have you seen from taking a reveratrol supplement?

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