5 Natural Kidney Cleanse Tips

by Health News

Kidneys are the body’s natural filtration system, responsible for cleansing our blood of waste and toxins and flushing it out in urine. They also help regulate the production of red blood cells and control the balance of acid in the body.

Drink plenty of water
Liquid, especially pure water, keeps the toxins in our bodies moving to avoid any build up. Fluids flush through the body and the kidneys filter out and remove undesirable substances to maintain a whole healthy body.

Minimize caffeine intake
Coffee and caffeine-high sports drinks and sodas can put the kidneys under extra pressure. Caffeine works as a diuretic, causing the body to become dehydrated which means the kidneys have to work harder to remove harmful toxins.

Protect kidneys from bruising
Driving frequently over rough terrain can cause kidney bruising and damage. It is a particular hazard for taxi drivers, 4WD riders, truck drivers and those operating mechanized equipment. A good quality seat cushion will add comfort and reduce harmful vibrations.

Keep active
Sedentary work and driving for hours is bad for your circulation in many ways. It is also not good for the kidneys which need good circulation to operate. Take regular breaks to stand, stretch and walk to the water fountain and back, killing two birds with one stone!

Obey nature’s urges
When you feel an initial need to visit the restrooms, don’t put it off. Postponing urinating means the body starts to reabsorb some of the toxins which the kidneys have already filtered out. 

Take good care of your kidneys and they will better be able to take care of you.

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