Overweight AND Malnourished?

by Health News

The latest survey (2015) from the CDC shows that more than 68 percent of Americans are overweight…and under-nourished as it turns out. Experts from the Americans Institute of Cancer Research and the American Dietetic Association agree that excessive calories are a large part of the problem.

Empty and excessive calories linked to obesity and malnourishment in the U.S.

Back in 1990, the average calorie consumption for Americans was around 1,850 a day. Today, our caloric intake is more than 2,150 per day. That’s more than 300 extra calories a day. And those calories can add up, putting more than 30 pounds on a person in a year, theoretically.

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And, as you can imagine, those extra calories aren’t coming from fruits and vegetables. While the USDA recommends two to five servings of fruits and veggies per day, most of us only get a totally of three servings, with 42 percent of Americans not even get two servings daily.

We are clearly in the midst of an alarming period of time where we as a country are significantly overweight, yet woefully malnourished.

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