Prescription Drugs Contain Chemicals That Accelerate The Aging Process

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Millions of older Americans who take prescription drugs may be misinterpreting medication side effects and falling prey to the belief that being tired, confused, forgetful and weak are just natural phases of the aging process.  Contrary to popular belief, getting older does not automatically cause a person to slow down or become mentally dull, but the side effects of prescription medications may trick some people into thinking that is the case.     

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The fact of the matter is that all prescription drugs have side effects ranging from minor annoyances to life-threatening conditions. Older people are more prone to experience adverse effects because normal bodily changes affect the way our bodies absorb and process chemicals, including prescription drugs. Because prescription medications are highly concentrated they can negatively affect liver and kidney function, which can lead to a host of problems.

Despite the risk of side effects, many Americans think it is easier to pop a pill than to make the lifestyle changes needed to prevent or treat disease and improve their health. Drug companies spend billions of marketing dollars on TV and print ads each year to convince us that the majority of our physical illnesses can be conquered with pharmaceuticals.  Drug companies also send marketing reps directly to doctor’s offices bearing gifts that can influence a provider’s decision to prescribe a certain drug.

Before you resort to taking prescription medications, talk to your holistic practitioner about natural ways to resolve your health problems. Sometimes all that is needed is a minor lifestyle change, like a low-fat diet coupled with daily exercise. Nutritional supplements and medicinal herbs can also go a long way toward the prevention and treatment of many common ailments.

The next time your doctor reaches for the prescription pad for solutions to your health issues talk with him or her about the natural alternatives that drug companies don’t want you to know about. All medications contain chemicals that have to be processed within your body and consequently they all have side effects. Talk to your holistic practitioner about your unique physical needs so you can develop a natural regimen that keeps you feeling strong, healthy and vibrant.

What negative experiences have you had with prescription drugs?

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