Restore Hair Growth AND Improve Sleep

by Health News

Herbs are a funny thing. They are usually hearty, often smell amazing, and frequently have amazing health properties. And if you throw in beautiful, you are likely talking about lavender.

This sweet-smelling powerhouse is not only widely touted for its stress-reducing benefits, but it has also been found to help restore healthy sleep and treat hair loss.

According to a study from Nursing Times, 84 percent of patients who had lavender oil placed on their pillow at night reported sleeping well, as compared to 64 percent in the control group. Similarly, a 1995 Lancet study found that elderly women who had lavender oil diffused into the air in their bedrooms slept as well as they did while taking tranquilizers, but were significantly lest restless during sleep.

Lavender has also been shown to help promote hair growth and healthy scalp circulation. A study from the Archives of Dermatology found that 44 percent of people who used a combination lavender, thyme, rosemary, and cedar exhibited new hair growth, as compared to 15 percent of the control group. Plus, there were no significant negative side effects.

To ensure that your lavender oil is of the highest quality, be sure it is packaged in small, opaque vials.


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