Strengthen Your Immune System Naturally

by Health News

As the temperature drops outside, it’s not unusual for our immune systems to take a nosedive too. Luckily, you can stop that dive in its tracks with good, old-fashioned blueberries.

Strengthen Your Immune System Naturally

According to a December 2011 study from Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, blueberries are a powerful immune booster. Not only did they increase natural killer cell activity, but also reduced inflammation and oxidation.

While you likely know how to incorporate blueberries into your diet, here are a few novel ideas:

  • Toss into a salad with a little goat cheese and sliced almonds.
  • Place frozen berries in high-speed blender with water and a touch of powdered stevia for instant sorbet.
  • Crush and add to mineral water for a healthy, alcohol-free cocktail.


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