The Importance of Reading Vitamin, Mineral and Supplement Labels

by Health News

Vitamin, Minearls, SupplementsMost vitamin health supplements on store shelves are junk!

According to the archives of family medicine, 40% of americans (or 120 million men and women) take daily natural vitamin health supplements.

The most common vitamin health supplements taken include vitamin c, b12, b6, niacin, thiamin, b2, e, a, d and folic acid.

Make no mistake about it, vitamins and minerals are essential for to maintain a strong, healthy body for life.

The problem is most vitamin on the market can't begin to deliver what the label states.

Here's why they fail miserably:
Most multi-vitamins pack so many ingredients into one big horse tablet that your liver can't sort it all out. So being the super smart organ that it is, the liver ignores them.

Plus most over-the-counter vitamin formulas include coal tars, artificial coloring, preservatives, starch and even sugars – as well as other bonding agents. In other words, these over-the-counter vitamin formulas are so heavily processed your digestive juices can't break them down for easy absorption.

In short, they are mostly junk vitamins because they offer you less than a 15% absorption rate.

That is why it is important to read the supplement facts and do you research. Understand what ingredients are in the vitamin, mineral supplements you are taking.

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