Three Little Known Benefits of Fish Oil

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Fish Oil Benefits Mental Health

People suffering from mild bipolar disorder are often treated for depression, which actually worsens the symptoms of this disorder. Dr. Jim Phelps, a psychiatrist and specialist in mental illness research, found that the symptoms of bipolar disorder were improved when his patients took fish oil supplements.

The benefits of fish oil are indisputable

Other omega 3 fish oil benefits for mental health issues include stabilizing mood swings, reducing post-partum depression in new mothers, and it may even help prevent schizophrenia. Several studies by Dr. Patrick McGorry show a significant correlation between fish oil supplements and the prevention of schizophrenia. In a study of 81 teenagers who had early signs of the disease, only 3% of those taking omega-3 fish oil developed the disease, compared to 28% of the placebo group.

Fish Oil Benefits for Your Puppy

What's good for you is often good for your dog. Dog food manufacturer IAMS recently conducted research into giving puppies fish oil during the first months of their life. They concluded that fish oil benefits produced better behaved, good-tempered dogs and the research was presented at the American Veterinary Medical Association Convention.

The study chose 30 genetically similar puppies which were fed an identical diet, although some of the puppies received additional DHA (omega-3).  Their mothers were also fed on enhanced DHA during pregnancy. The puppies were socialized with the same types of play and human contact. At nine weeks of age, each puppy had one week of training and was then assessed with multiple trials for 30 days.

The study found that the puppies that received the fish oil benefits were consistently smarter and more trainable than the other puppies. IAMS found conclusive proof that omega 3 fish oil benefits extended to improved brain function, vision and trainability in dogs. 

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Omega 3 Fish Oil Benefits Extend to Breast Cancer

According to the studies by the American Association of Cancer Research, omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to slow cancerous cell growth, particularly in breast cancer tumors. Studies show there is a correlation between breast cancer risk and high levels of fish oil in a woman's diet; however more research is needed to confirm the results are due to omega 3 fish oil benefits.

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