Tips on How Not to Sabotage your Health Goals

by Health News
  1. Top Tips on How to Keep Your New Year's ResolutionsAnother weekend, another potential hazard to all of your hard work this month. Don't give in the mid-month slump!
  2. Take some time today to thoughtfully plan out your weekend.
  3. Extend your five minute walk beyond your neighborhood and explore a new part of your community at large.
  4. Shop for the ingredients you'll need to make chili and your spinach salad.   
  5. Mix up a bag of nut-laden trail mix. Add in fun dried fruits like dried banana or even strawberries or blueberries. Kick up the heat with a dash of cayenne pepper!
  6. If you haven't tried yoga, why not give it a try? Rent a video or take advantage of a free introductory class at a local yoga studio.
  7. Make Sunday an electronic-free day. Silence your phones, unplug your computer or tablet, and leave the TV off. Instead, meet friends in real time and catch up live.
  8. Don't let the weekends sabotage your health goals. Make them work for you rather than against you! And keep up the great work with your New Year Resolutions! 

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