Workout Tips to Lower Blood Pressure

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How to Gain Energy: Workout Tips to Lower Blood PressureUnfortunately, high blood pressure is a serious issue that impacts the lives of millions of Americans and people around the world every year.  If left untreated, high blood pressure can result in a variety of medical conditions and diseases, ranging from heart attack and heart failure to stroke and even renal failure. 

Individuals with high blood pressure often are required to take a variety of different drugs to treat the condition.  This is necessary due to the potentially lethal consequences of inaction.  Luckily for some, there is a way of keeping your blood pressure under check without medication, and one such way is through the use of exercise and controlling blood pressure naturally.

As a bonus, if you want to learn how to gain energy, these exercises are one of the most effective ways to do just that!

Regular Exercise Routine
The first step in any exercise routine, regardless of your blood pressure, is to get the approval of your doctor before you begin working out.  Once you receive your doctor's approval to begin exercising, the second step is to follow a workout routine that is cautious and will not result in injury.  After all, if you are injured, you will be making zero progress towards your fitness goals.

Don't Push Yourself
In order to keep from getting injured, when you begin working out, make sure that you don't push yourself beyond your comfortable limits or try and accomplish too much too fast.  Remember there is no race, and you should begin slowly to avoid having to see your doctor again (only this time due to an injury).  If you have been physically inactive for a period of time, it is necessary to follow a program that will prevent injuries.

Choose Low Impact Exercises
One good way to prevent injures and get in shape at the same time is to choose exercises that are low impact but can offer your muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons and, of course, your heart a good workout.  Brisk walking is often overlooked, but is a great exercise.  In a similar vein, stationary rowing machines offer another great option for those looking to improve their overall health and lower their blood pressure.  Rowing is great as it is a low impact exercise that involves every major muscle group in the body.

There are many other very effective ways that you can begin getting in shape and lowering your blood pressure as well.  Bicycling and swimming are two additional outstanding exercises that can lower your blood pressure.  Swimming, like rowing, also has the added benefit of being a great total body workout.

Normal blood pressure for adults is considered to be between 110 and 140 for systolic values and 65 and 90 for diastolic values.  This means that if you had a blood pressure reading of 120/65 you would be in normal range.  However, if you have found out that you have high blood pressure, it is important to start to take the steps to lower blood pressure naturally, down to a recommended level.  Begin taking action through exercise; you will not only lower your blood pressure, but you will also improve your health in myriad other ways as well.


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