Four Ways to Recharge Your Cardio Routine

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Getting your heart pumping and breaking a sweat is good for you, but do you feel like you’ve somehow lost your workout mojo?  You are probably in what’s known as a cardio rut. Your brain and your body have become bored with the same old workout.  When this happens you need to bust the boredom and break out of that cardio rut. Here are four simple ways to help you pump up the volume again.

Four ways to help you get out of that cardio rut!

Change Is Good

If you work out on the same equipment every time you’re at the gym, your body can’t help but adapt to that routine.  As a result, your metabolism will plateau and your motivation will begin to wane.  It’s clearly time to change your routine with a new style of cardio—preferably one where you break a good healthy sweat alongside others.  Spin classes, Zumba, water aerobics, kick boxing, flow or hot yoga; something that will challenge your mind and your body in a brand new way.  This change will invigorate your workouts and you’ll begin to experience new fitness gains and have fun at the same time! 

Challenge Yourself

Nothing will bust you out of a cardio rut like a little fear.  Instead of a spin class, try a boot camp cardio class.  Are you a bored runner?  Pick up the pace by training for a 10k or half marathon.  Just signing up for the race and telling people about it will motivate you to train harder.  If you’re a downhill skier try cross-country skiing or vice versa.  This will activate new muscles, challenge your lungs and leave you exhausted but exhilarated. Yes, starting a new fitness challenge can be hard, but that’s the point.  Pushing your body in a new way will re-ignite your fitness fire. 

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Location, Location, Location

A change of scenery can do you good.  Skip the gym and head out on your bike, go for a run or grab your daypack and go hiking.  Getting outdoors is scientifically proven to improve mood and enhance feelings of wellbeing.  Get some fresh air and you might see your enthusiasm for working out return.

Seek Professional Help

Sometime we lack imagination when it comes to working out, and that can lead to a cardio rut and a loss of fitness.  Get professional help in the form of a trainer or coach.  Fitness professionals can show you new ways to ramp up your cardio routine.  Check out different options; maybe High-Intensity Interval Training classes (HIIT), a different type of cardio machine, maybe rowing?  Consider hiring a coach to help you build your fitness level safely, and to teach you new ways to make physical gains. Educate yourself on how to keep changing it to prevent boredom again.  

Breaking through a monotonous cardio routine is easier when you alter your routine and set new fitness goals for yourself.  Trying new things is good for the body, mind and the soul. 

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