Have Fun Protecting Your Heart Health

by IVL Products

You might think that the diet and lifestyle you need to follow to protect your heart health would be anything but fun. But, research shows there are a lot of extremely enjoyable activities that are particularly good for your heart. In this week's video you learned about the heart health benefits of vacations, hugs, and good friends.

Here are 5 more pleasurable activities that are great for your health:

#1) Tickle your funny bone. Watching comedies, joking around with friends or doing anything that makes you laugh is wonderful for your heart. According to a 2011 study, laughing relaxes your blood vessels, decreases blood pressure, and drops stress hormones. The benefits of laughing are so strong—researchers found it is equivalent to participating in aerobic exercise.

#2)  Make love. Research shows that regular sex can have good aerobic benefits. Also just like hugs, it produces feel good hormones that lowers your blood pressure and stress hormones.

#3) Get regular massages. Professional massages not only work out the kinks in your muscles, but also lower stress hormones, blood pressure and heart rate.

#4) Spend time with your pet. Quality time with your dog, cat or whatever animal you prefer can help relax you, boost your mood, lower your stress hormones, and decrease your blood pressure and heart rate. Studies show pets can even cause you to live longer.

#5) Get out in nature. Whether it’s the beach, the mountains or a park, being in nature can boost your mood and decrease stress. Add some aerobic activity for twice the benefit.

A heart-healthy diet and lifestyle doesn’t have to be boring or dull. In fact, the more fun you have the better it usually is for your heart. Find other activities that bring you joy and make you laugh, and don’t forget to invite your friends!

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