Here’s a Quick Way To Stop Cellulite

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If you're worried about the appearance of orange-peel skin and lumpy bumpy areas on the stomach, buttocks and thighs, then welcome to the club.  Like 90% of women, you have developed cellulite!

Many popular cellulite home remedies include using coffee grounds

There are several effective cellulite home remedies available to reduce the unsightly appearance of cellulite and help prevent more cellulite from forming. Here are three of the least expensive, natural, and most effective methods:

1. Dry Brushing Cellulite

Dry brushing the areas that are prone to developing cellulite is one of the easiest cellulite home remedies. It works by stimulating the circulation and lymph flow in the body, breaking down existing fat cells and preventing others from sticking and forming bulging cellulite pockets.

Dry brushing is exactly what it says, so step into the shower but don't turn on the water yet. Use a brush with natural bristles to dry brush the skin toward the heart. Systematically sweep up the legs, work the arms from wrist to chest and brush the stomach counterclockwise. The action sloughs away dry skin as well as encouraging the fat cells to release toxins. Once done, enjoy your shower as usual.

2. Massage Cellulite-Prone Areas

Many people report that massage is one of nature's best cellulite home remedies. Similar to dry brushing, a massage improves blood circulation, breaks down fat cells and helps flush out toxins. Use an anti-cellulite cream a double effect.

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3. Cellulite Home Remedies Using Coffee Grounds

Many cellulite home remedies involve coffee grounds, making it an inexpensive, readily available, and effective way to use up those natural left-overs rather than discarding them.

One way to use coffee grounds as a cellulite home remedy treatment is to moisten coffee grounds with olive oil to make a paste and massage it generously over the problem areas. Dr Oz suggests adding ¼ cup of brown sugar to the paste for added exfoliation.  (In place of sugar, try adding extra fine sea salt.)

Leaving the coffee grounds in place, wrap the area in cling film for about 15 minutes before rinsing off with warm water and a moistening soap or cleanser.

The caffeine apparently constricts the blood vessels, tightening the tissue. It is also thought to enhance fat metabolism, which is the basic cause of cellulite. When applied topically, coffee grounds may also absorb water and fat from the skin, breaking down the fat cells and improving the appearance of cellulite.

Coupled with a Cellulite Diet, these free cellulite home remedies will certainly leave your skin looking and feeling good, as well as keeping ugly cellulite under control. 

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