What is the Best Way to Detox?

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Top Ways to DetoxDetoxification for better health and wellbeing is all the rage nowadays - and if you've been wondering how you can get started, read on for some simple tips you can practice at home.

Getting rid of harmful substances from your body is a continual process. The best approach is to detoxify gradually by combining a long-term approach with periodic short juice fasts that last anywhere from three to five days.

Only fresh fruit or vegetable juice prepared from a juicer should be used to aid elimination of toxins, because fresh juice provides valuable nutrients and enzymes that your body needs to function optimally while detoxing.

Drinking fresh juice reduces some of the side effects associated with fasting, such as light-headedness, fatigue and headaches. Consuming fresh juice also provides renewed energy, clearer thinking and a sense of purity.

It's best to begin a juice fast on a weekend or whenever you can be sure to get lots of rest. The more you can rest, the better - that way all your body’s energy can be directed toward healing.

Experts suggest that the best way to prepare for a fast is by making the last meal before the fast one of only fresh fruits and vegetables. Others recommend a full day diet of raw food before starting a juice fast.

During the juice fast - consume only fresh juice for three to five days, ideally four 8 to 12-ounce glasses throughout the day. Virtually any fresh juice will do. However, pineapple-ginger, cranberry-apple, spinach-celery-kale-apple, kale-broccoli-cabbage-carrots-apple and parsley-carrot-spinach-celery-tomato are all considered ideal for detoxification. While it's amazing how well our bodies can handle the many stresses of modern life, periodic juice fasting along with a long-term approach can help support your body's natural detoxification processes.

Long-term detoxification means avoiding three foods, including refined sugars, saturated fats and alcohol. Instead, go for a diet rich in fiber, particularly water-soluble fibers such as pears, oat bran, apples, and legumes which promotes health and wellbeing for multiple reasons.

High sulfur-containing foods like garlic, legumes, onions, and eggs; cabbage family vegetables, especially broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage; detoxing foods such as artichokes, beets, carrots, dandelion; and herbs and spices like turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger all also aid natural detoxification.

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