Lemon for Lovely Locks

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Lemon is often added to hair products as it has plenty of beneficial properties for those with poor hair condition or suffering from hair loss. If you want to control dandruff, boost hair growth and naturally lighten hair color, look no further than this zesty citrus fruit. Packed with citric acid, calcium, magnesium, pectin, vitamin C and antioxidant flavonoids, lemon is a one-stop solution for healthy hair, and it smells good too!

Lemons are a natural beauty treatment for hair loss

Drink Lemon Juice as a Detox

Hair is constantly exposed to air pollution and toxins that can make it appear dull, weak and itchy. Drinking lemon juice, either as a hot tea or a refreshing icy smoothie, helps rid the body of toxins. Your new healthier body will be reflected in a head of glossy hair that is strong and thick. If you are worried about thinning hair or hair loss, drinking lemon juice is an easy way to boost vitamin intake and rectify the problem.

Lemon Scalp Cleanser

Dilute two tablespoons lemon juice in a cup of warm water and use as a scalp massage treatment. Work it deep into the follicles before washing out. The acidity will cut through the natural oils and remove the buildup of conditioners, chemicals and waxes that clog the follicles. If left, these chemicals can cause a dry scalp, flaky dandruff and hair loss. Giving your hair a lemon detox once or twice a month will keep your hair in first-class condition and will improve shine naturally.

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Lemon Lightens Hair

Lemon is an old treatment for bleaching white clothing. The same properties of lemon can be used to lighten hair naturally and bring out the highlights in those with fair or mousy-colored hair. The citric acid in lemon juice reacts in sunlight to gradually lighten hair over time.

Shampoo and rinse hair then add three tablespoons lemon juice to two cups of water and massage it through the hair. Leave on for 10-60 minutes. The lightening effect is enhanced if you sit in the sun after applying the lemon juice and allow the hair to dry naturally. Rinse out the lemon application and apply conditioner to restore some moisturizer to your newly-lightened hair.

Lemon for Hair Regrowth

Sickness and medication can take their toll on the body and your hair reflects that, often by falling out in alarming quantities. Lemon is an excellent natural treatment to speed up regrowth, reduce dandruff and cleanse clogged follicles that cause hair loss. Massaging dilute lemon juice into the scalp also boosts circulation to stimulate regrowth.

The acidity and vitamins in lemons are a natural way to boost follicle health, improve the condition of your hair and help reduce hair loss. Try it today!




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